U.S. CFL fan in New Hampshire who watched on ESPN3. I doubt there will be a game today in the NFL that matches last night's Hamilton-Edmonton game. I keep spreading the word down here... The CFL is a better game... more fun to watch... more strategy... Some great plays last night. CFL publicity department, get on the job and promote your product down here. "If you show it... we will watch."

Thanks msmith. We've had our share of not-so-great games ie. close/high scoring as many like to see but some this year like last nights was super. And it's like any version, NFL, college, some very exciting and some lopsided and some defensive. The beauty with football though even if a game isn't great as one sees it, every game has lots of pure, physical contact with discipline and that's what I love about gridiron compared with basketball, hockey and baseball. I love watching guys hit each other play after play regardless it it's 3 downs, 4 downs, 11 or 12 on the field, American or Canadian size fields etc. It's all football.

Actually according to some on here, since it wasn’t a 35-33 instead of 25-23 the game was a clunker… not enough offence… go figure

I thought it was a great game. We saw two teams where one team has the best defence in the league and one that is rapidly becoming one of the best defensive squads in the league. No surprise it was low scoring, but it was still entertaining because of the talent that was out there.

I'm in Colorado Springs right now and the sports lounge I'm in is going to have two TV's for both CFL (ESPN2) and NASCAR the other 14 will have NFL but at least people have the opportunity to watch both CFL and NFL.