Great Game to-day but........

Lions/Riders game to-day was great but as usual the refereeing was terrible. There should have been a penalty called against the Riders on the last attempted TD by Geroy which could have been the winner. Geroy was being held by a Rider player and had no way of attempting the catch......That play should have been reviewed.

agreed how was that was sooo brutally obvious

why didnt we challenge it?

i dont believe there are challenges in OT and your not allowed to challenge a penaly/missed penalty anyways

I did not see or hear anything from the commentators about this missed call. Are you guys sure about this ? Why was it not called ? I was just upset about the play as it turned out and may have missed this infraction. :expressionless:

I know i dont know why they ignored it watch the reply the corner handcuffs simon...not sure why it was not was so obvious. but still printers should not have thrown that the end printers lost the game

and it was only first down to!

Jakob7~ you might be right. "For the final three minutes of regulation time and for the entire overtime period, the Replay Official will be on the phone with the Supervisor at the stadium. At that point, all challenges will be initiated by the CFL. If the Replay Official sees a play he wants to review, he will tell the Supervisor to page the on-field Referee."

Lionslip~ you need to see it to believe it. I'm wondering if they let it go because it appears that both Geroy and the defender were grabbing each for a sustained period of time. But the Sask guy was definitely keeping Geroy from getting the ball. Maybe Geroy was trying to break free. I do not believe that interception should have been allowed to stand...especially when it became the game winner! That is just poor judgement on the part of the officials in my estimation. Throw the flag and dispute it later on a CFL video replay.

Which makes the play all the more nonsensical.

same to me ive already said how printers is the one who lost the game...thankyou for proving just how ignorant you actually are :smiley: go back to the riders forum and leave the grownup talk to the rest of us thanks!

It was not in the riders favor!

Anyone else see the block from behind on our lead tackler when Armstead had that big return? I went nuts on that one.

Having said that, McCallum was BRUTAL, we should reserve him for field goals and let Whyte do the rest.

on every return by armstead there were multiple illegal blocks...and he wasnt brutal...he was at times LOL but at other times he was able to pin the riders deep.

thats the frustrating part...if it hurts the riders it has to be a bad call...every rider on every play is perfect and takes no penalties. but if it doesnt help the riders...the ref had his eyes closed or was intentionally trying to make the riders should see the conspiracy theories floating around their forum LOL they almost rank up there with the lunar landing and global warming LOL youll never reason with THOSE rider fans...i feel bad grouping them all together cause there actually are some that are decent people and not bad to sit next to during a game LOL but not many it seems

When you have a fan base as large as the Riders, you get more of each type of fan..problem is the bad ones stick out a lot more than the good ones. I never said that shouldn't have been a penalty on Morgan at the end because I felt it really should have been..but the crying works both ways..bc got away with a huge non call the last time they played in is a well known fact the refs are terribly the riders caught a break. Bottom line is if you are going to tell rider fans to shut up and stop b!tching..that is fine..but practice what you preach. About the Rider players being must not have seen where I said I believe that the Riders are the WORST for having recievers jump offside before the snap and it never gets called..I like to be objective but I'm not a fan of the double standards..

It was a great season series this year, which by the way you won, congrats. Good luck in the playoffs.

I saw that block IK17. Isn’t that kind of block illegal? If it is, are the refs blind?

That block was definitely illegal and I have no idea how that doesn't get seen/called. As a CFL fan it is hard to see those kind of plays and be happy about them when they help your team. I wish the players were allowed to determine games..I have lost count at the number of game changing calls that have been made this season..not to mention the general inconsistency they have displayed all really is a shame :thdn:

We should have played well enough for the refs not to be a factor. Blaming a loss, such as this one, on the refs is foolish. Our D collapsed when they needed to play better and there were many, many other mistakes the Lions made throughout the game.

It is easy to say the refs cost us that game, that should have been a penalty on the last play, but the fact is that there are 60 minutes to win a game in and we didn't get it done when we had the chance with them on the ropes.

Look to inadequate coverage down field on the tying td (any ball up in the air THAT long should be at least knocked down), McCallum giving up prime field position all day long, or the biggest factor, in my humble opinion, the lack of decent pass/run protection from our O line.
Imagine how many sacks they would have had with Buck "Concrete Shoes" Peirce at QB!

So no, the refs didn't cost us the game, we did it to ourselves, and that is why it is a hard one to swallow.

I was personally at the game and attend all home games so I'm sure you all can agree live is way dif then armchair coaching
yes of course hate me now I'm a rider fan but I'm also a diehard cfl lover watch every single game and tape the ends of games before our homers but we all see the inconsitent reffing personally the one I cringe the most is mr.tird down he hates us here in regina good ole mr.frenchfry
what I'm saying is when your at the games live you get a firsthand view of at times less than minor football reffing
you bc fans would also have to agree that wally can have his way with the zebras at times and he's also the only coch that can nearly be at center field and not be penelized
all in all tho great game and sure to be meeting again down the stretch gotta love the wests intensity