Great game Lions!

I just figured that since it was a few hours after the game had ended, and nobody had said 'Good Game BC', I would start the trend. Looks like it's working.

Great game BC and Winnipeg. The clear #1 and #2's in the CFL will meet again in Toronto for the Grey Cup, barring a major disaster from either team.

Well RLR youhave to forgive those bombers fans they were still weeping in winnipeg. :lol: :lol:

Like I've said before. We're dirty, we're classless and we're winners. I could care less about fair play. Do you win grey cups by being classy? No. Get over yourself.

Arius' team is the most polite in the CFL, right? At least he can cheer for the fact they're kind, caring and pleasant individuals in the trenches. I mean, I've never seen a Rider do anything remotely dirty, and when they do they send sympathy cards to the other player.

ok ya ur rival is always ur biggest problem. but when a db drops a gift int like ike did in the endzone, and 2 bad play calls prevent u from scoring with 3 shots from inside the 5, and u start the game but not catching the kickoff and handing it to to rival. not to mention 2 injured oline and 2 injured dline. thats called shooting yourself in the foot. thats y i posted that. the lions took advantage of what we messed up and still barely beat us getting some gracious calls. like the brutal face mask to charlie with jake the snake ireland looking right at it. and i highly disagree with the fumble call on charlie. but all bombers will. but any way u look at it. the stats r pretty much exactly the same between the teams. we beat ourselves more then the lions did, they just got 2 points for it., please remove the sour grapes from the table, they are beginning to fester...

The Lions are the team, and they get an easy next couple against us. Should be good enough to leave the Riders in the dust. I think the West is set now. East could be interesting if Toronto can build some momentum off sweeping us and the Bombers continue to not play the full 60 minutes during games....

Well your attitude at least is consistant.
And it isn't too surprising that you don't care about fair play.

But here is the thing.
You are a fan. You have nothing to do with whether your team wins or loses the Grey Cup.
The only thing you can control is your own behaviour.
And that has nothing to do with "fair" play, or your team winning or losing.
But it has everything to do with showing some class, being respectful of other fans and other teams.

Certain Lion fans coming on here and being disrespectful of others has nothing to do with the Lions themselves.
It just makes YOU, the fan, look bad.
Nothing else.
As a fan, you aren't "dirty". You are not "winners".
You don't win Grey Cups.
You can either show some class, and some respect, or not.
It's completely on you as posters.
Just don't expect to be treated differently than you treat others.
If you show no respect, you'll get no respect.

It really is that simple.

Exactly, I fully agree. Not sure when any person on this site claimed they actually played in a game and made the winning catch, we're all just fans on the CFL. The difference is some of us are fans of winning teams, others not so much.

A step in the right direction.
At least you agree you have no class and show no respect and therefore deserve none..

Oh ya, you're the best man. Can I give you a hug?