Great game Lions!

Great game by the boys in orange. Bombers the class of the East and they showed why tonight. They never quit the whole game, but the Lions showed why they are king of the jungle. Jarious is looking like a seasoned vet in there, not a third-string QB making his 7th ever CFL start. He could give a few other starting quarterbacks in this league a run for their money. Our D-Line is elite and I really hope Wake doesn't bolt to the NFL after he wins Rookie of the Year this season.

Brett Anderson with two FG's, the man can do it all. I don't think there's any doubt who the best team in the CFL is this year. The funny thing is I knew it all along.

Just as Otis Floyd said:

Floyd said he believes the two clubs could be headed for a showdown in the Grey Cup.

"It's going to be a battle in Toronto - not as cold," Floyd said with a smile.

"If they keep winning and we keep winning, it'll be a great Grey Cup."

The Lions have won nothing...
Best team of the year...don't be to sure...
Lions win tonight, but looked suspect also..
Go Bombers....


The Lions have won more than the Bombers so far this year, and are defending Grey Cup Champions. We were the best team last year, and are the best team this year so far. All of this with our third-string QB. The Bombers would be in the toilet if Kevin Glenn ever went down.

rlr our biggest problem is us shooting ourselves in the foot. we made alot of key mistakes that would've taken away any chance.

Just wondering RLR, how did the Canucks do tonight?... :wink:

Not as well as the Lions. Didn't look good tonight but its game 1 of 82, we can bounce back tomorrow night in Calgary.

We started 8-10-1 last season and still won the division. Trying not to get too low after the loss tonight.

Nobody has won anything yet so whats your point? They are the current champs, sorry if that chaps your butt.

Lions have the best record by a few so that makes them the best team to this point. All that matters is points in that regard so suck it up.

They may look suspect but they beat the Bombers without bringing their A game. What does that say about the Bombers? too bad 4 u

i think your biggest problem was having to face the lions!

Better than the NHL team in Sask LOL
To put it more on an even field, who is the current Memorial cup champs? Suck to not be a BC sports fan these days!

I loved Glenn's reply tonight when asked if the Lions are the best....."Who says the're the best!"

I think with a healthy Bomber team, we stand a good chance of beating the so called "best"

I think that the fact we have two threads, one called" Good game Peg" and the other called "Great game Lions", both started by Lion fans, speaks volumes.
Class fan, real fan, versus wanna be, no class.
And some how one is still managing to whine about injuries...

Thanks Swervin....

Congrats to the Lions. They won because they did what it took. You have a very good team. Hope we meet again this year.

What the Lions do not have injuries? Your statment basically does nothing to the fact that the Lions earned this win and more that your team was inadequate. SAd that you can not recoginize the fact the BC Lions earned this win regardless of your petty excuses.

Well said 05, gag barf, but you are right, the Lions won, hands down, no excuses, the Bombers had their chances and didn't capitalize or more accurately the Lions prevented them from capitalizing.

...the Lions played well....J.Jackson is proving he's a starter in this league every time out....( my son red2005 would love to have him right about now)...Bombers played well...but not enough to win especially in the first half....the ball was sure bouncing crazy .. Claremonts t.d the tip to Edwards....and that wiff by Johnson that went through his hands and legs...the ball apparently had eyes....but the ref. didn't....tough call....all in all good game....bring on the stumps... :thup: :rockin:

Good game by your guys too Pig and pa . Sure had my blood pressure way up .
Well Pa you still think Berry should have passed up on taking that trade for JJ in pre-season ? He was probably going for cheap back then too , but not anymore. Thank Berry for us BC fans for turning it down next time you see Berry will ya?

How is that crow tasting there dad?

Yup, like I said the top team to beat. I still think that Winnipeg is by far the second best team (well it isn't even close)and they played well. However, I think the score may be a little flattering but, hey we beat a good team on their home turf. We didn't lose anyone to injury or suspension. We're clearly the class of the league and proved it. Geroy Simon is back and makes us that much better.

We play Edmonton(home and home), Hamilton and Calgary to end the season. Honestly I'd be a little disappointed if we lost more then 1 of those games. I can see Edmonton, desperate as they are taking one at commonwealth.

Now on to our quarterbacking. 29 year old Jarious Jackson is making Wally Buono (you know that dirty coach and gm)look like the best gm/coach by far. Any other team in this position would not be winning football games. Yet, the Lions have. Personnally I think Jarious is now the starter of thus team. The way he's playing is remarkable. You can definitely see he has confidence. He gave up one pick yesterday but that was clearly not a good throw and I doubt he'll ever make such a poor throw in those circumstances.

Go Lions!

Poor riders...they'll lose again this week.

Lol Rob Murphy, your great! Keep it up. I think Chik and Schultz, maybe even Tillman have nightmares, so will the rest of the league.

I'm calling it right now BC and Winnipeg in the Grey Cup. Whoever I had that silly argument about who's the team to beat....well sure showed you.

Jarious for MVP!!! BC for Grey CUP!!! Rob Murphy for dirtiest player in the league!!!! Eric Tillman for biggest @#$% in the league!!!