Great Game Lions

Jarious seems to be gaining confidence with each game and the team's finding a way to win...this one in a convincing fashion.

Great job Lions, we're on track for another championship.

This team is once again destined for greatness. Ladies and gentlemen, we are a dynasty in the making.

Well on our way to hosting 4 straight Western Finals.

I'll talk about dynasties if and when we repeat, and not before. That has a tendency to bite you in the as$.

That's why I said 'in the making'. We aren't one yet, but I think we have a great chance of repeating this year.

JJ looked good tonight but I'm still not sold on the guy. As soon as he shows more consistency, then I may become a believer.

He did look very good tonight, easily his best game so far.

I think a small part of that is Calgary's bad defense too, but you can't take away from what he did, 23/28 is Dickenson-like when he's on.

Keep in mind he's a third-string QB leading the Lions to first in the CFL. That's pretty damn impressive if you ask me.

If you believe what your coach is saying, JJ may in fact be #1 in BC right now.
A healthy Buck standing on the sidelines seems to indicate that to be the case.

He has certainly played well enough in recent games to be #1.

You're correct, he is #1 in BC right now. However, I can assure you that a healthy Dickenson would knock JJ back down to #2 or #3 again.

DD is even better than I thought.
His return will knock JJ back to 3rd on the depth chart.
I wouldn't count on DD ever playing another down of football, but I'd be even more surprised if he does much more than hold a clipboard this year.
I want you to describe how Buck and JJ(and the team) are playing to get that result

The only QB on the Lions that doesn’t lose his spot to injury is Dickenson. It’s as simple as that.

Right now this is Jarious’ spot to lose, and he will lead us to the Grey Cup with the way he’s been playing.

Nobody ever "loses" their job to injury.
I don't believe Wally will make the same mistake this year as he did in the Printers/DD year.
Dave will ride the bench, even if cleared to play.

Good game Lions and yes Wally has the magic to make things work. Good luck the rest of the way beat them dam riders! :lol: :lol:

Come on, 05!!
You're even on the Wally bandwagon now?
That hurts...

We are so lucky to have J.J. , he is truly becoming a better Q.B. with the experience.Calgary's third stringer looked pretty fresh out there last night, you could see he has the tools but he doesn't have enough game experience to win it by himself.You never know but one hit can change a teams outlook on the season, and we're lucky here to have 3 good guy's that can play now.This team in B.C. seems to be strong in all area's and if they can stay together maybe we can win two or three cups in a row.This is the best team I can remember.

We're the best.

Whether DD makes it back or not, Buck should be the #1 QB. Whether you agree with me or not, Buck is still better than JJ. Sure he looked good against the Stamps but Buck looked good in replacing DD when he went down. He didn't need 5 games to get going.

I agree with Wally, ride the hot hand and right now that is JJ. If he can't get playing time with the way he's been playing lately, I don't know when he ever will.

But if Buck is healthy, don't you want to get him playing time?

Yeah , I say give J.J. the ball and lets ride him and see how far he can go ..., at least we have Buck to fall back on if needed.Winnipeg is going to be a great challenge for this team right now and I can't wait to see their coach blow a gasket on the sidelines and put down our aggressive O-line. Wawww!! Waaaaa! We have to much toughness...., Waaaaa!! Waaaa!!!! (':cry:')(':cry:')(':cry:')(':cry:')