Great Game Leos ... except receivers ....

Our defence was tremendous tonight. The OLINE did a great job ... Logan was solid ....Buck was pretty good ... McCallum had a great night (except maybe the snap over his head, where he should have kicked it thru the end zone to give up 2) .... Ian Smart was good ... specials were good .... Jarious made some key plays ...

Then there were the receivers ... i counted 6 drops ... 2 by Geroy (poor efforts on his part) 2 by Paris (both could have had big yards) 1 by Skillern (AGAIN) and 1 by Green. At least when our DBS drop 3 interceptions you kind of expect it as thats why they're DBS!

Maybe a few more catching drills in practice this week?

If it wasn't for our receivers, that game would have been blown open. The only thing more embarrassing than their performance tonight was the performance of the Rider fans behind our bench. Still, as close to a FULL team performance as any this season.

I wonder if the cold got to them? Every one was freezing their but off thnaks to the wind

Maybe. Football in Canada gets chilly.

Ha! Ha! Too all the rider fans who post here all the time because their to cheap to pay the 20 bucks to join their own team forum.

But the Lions practice outdoors and their training camp was extremely miserable. I don't know that that was it. The crowd was pretty loud...that affects your timing. I was surprised at the dropped catches...did Paris even make a reception (gotta go check that)...usually he's pretty consistent. Just an off game.