Great Game Last Night

I wish I could have been at BC Place last night to see Danny the "Choka"'s face when Johnson dropped the snap. Edmonton Journal this morning is all over this with crap like, "nothing goes are way", Boo who, boo who.

Close game but it was entertaining. The defence came up big when they had to. BC looks pretty solid at quarterback with the growth of Buck Pierce, he looks to be the future of the Lions. Now with the time off hopefully Dickenson can shake off that bad ankle. The next game with Montreal could be a Grey Cup preview with any luck.

Intense game for sure. Great game, right down to the last seconds.

It was a good game until the Lion's defence started playing soft in the last few minutes of the game. But, they beat the Esks again, and I love how it happened. :lol:

We just need Ray and crew to choke themselves out of the playoffs with a few more losses like last night, and I'll be very happy.

I can certainly see the potential in Pierce, but the Leo's need DD back, because Buck ain't gonna take them all the way to the big party this year.

ye bailey there pretty much out of it
because they need to the next 6 out of 9 games just to get back to a .500 record