Great game guys.

AS A BC LIONS FAN, what a great game guys. We demonstrated such a great game for CFL and all young kids out there. Could NOT ask for a better game. BC bombing it down the field touchdown in the last 7 seconds. Then Simons 2 point convert. And also, your team coming back and CLERMONT, I wish BC still had him. Such a great football player. But that game is how football should be played, fought hard and never giving up. Good game guys, thanks for taking us this far and good luck against Calgary next week.

Agreed- Great game by both teams! - Seemd like we each only showed up for 30 minutes until the OT though. Lions got game, Lulay will be great next year for you guys. So many 'OMG' moments, i dont know where to start! No gloating here that was an epic game that will be remembered for some time. Good Game all around =) Cheers to a great WSF

So true, lots of OMG moments. I was jumping and yelling so many times haha. And yes, no beaking guys please. It was a great game to both of us. Goodjob Lions and Roughies :slight_smile: And yes, you guys have to watch out next year, cause we have LULAY :slight_smile: You have to admit he is an amazing QB and played a great game.

Thanks, gs. Good on you for coming into our house - classy. We'll see your team in a many more good games next year, for sure.

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That you will, hopefully the outcome different :stuck_out_tongue: haha.

Me to man, me to. True athletes and way better then the NFL. Those players put there hearts on the field

General Hospital emergency is full of heart attack victims. What a game. Thanks GS wish us luck next week.

Hahahaha, thatf funny, full of heart attack victims :stuck_out_tongue: When Arceneaux caught that ball to go into overtime I was jumping up and down yelling. The people in my house were like wtf? haha. Then simons 2 point convert, I almost had a heart attack ahaha :stuck_out_tongue: And sorry riderfan, even though it was a good game, im rooting for the riders :stuck_out_tongue:

When that fool caught that ball in the endzone I yelled f*** pretty loud in the stands lol... Well as loud as I could, because by that time my voice wasn't really there more.

Back at you gs81. I was so impressed with Lulay - cool as a cucumber that one. This game was one one of the great displays of the CFL game.

Thanks and you know what? I'm already worried about next year and your team! Where the hell did this Lulay come from!! He'll be a force to be reckoned with next year thats for sure! great game by both teams! Go Riders!

This was one of the most entertaining games I've ever been to! The crowd was crazy, it was so much fun! Wes Cates had a awesome game and showed just how valuable he is. The ladies behind me who were calling for Dinwiddie changed their tune quickly. Dressler was ready to win the game himself.
The Lions played a great game and Lulay was awesome! He didn't let the time count violations rattle him and he could be a very scary QB in the future!
Can't wait for the West Final!

Hey guys, Congrats on a great win. Probably one of the best games i've seen. We'll be rooting for you guys against Calgary. Good Luck next week and hopefully see you guys in the Grey Cup. And riderfan 23 thanks for the banter. I know it was all in good fun.

Great or lose, what more can a football fan ask for! This is why the CFL is the best football in the world!

Thanks lion40, I'm glad you took it in the spirit it was intended ( not all do, but it shows me too that they care about their Lions, all good in my books). Thanks for the support, we need all the mojo we can get for Calgary. We'll see the Lions in next years west finals with some more good banter to follow. I had a lot of laughs and fun with you guys. NOW those Calgary guys, no humor at all :wink: :smiley:

Lulay can sure take some big hits to. And yeah good luck against stamps, but im cheering for the stamps sorry :stuck_out_tongue: BUT, if Jason Clermont gets another TD and you guys win, then ill cheer for you in the grey cup :wink: Goodluck guys! and watch out for next year, I think next year is going to be the most amazing year of CFL, all the western teams are going to be close in wins, its going to be fought out to the very last game. GOOD LUCK ALL. Stoked for 2011.

It will be especially interesting if there is no NFL