Great Game Experience Today!

I'm in an upbeat and happy mood today (seriously).

Usually on game day I'll rush to get everything done and prepare myself for the game. I'll get some cokes or some beers and select a jersey to wear for the game. If my little guy feels so inclined I'll put one of his jerseys on as well.

Today though... I did none of that!

I have stop caring and it is a great feeling!

My son and I went to the library where we played on the computer, read books, and borrowed a Thomas the Train DVD. Afterwards we went to Walmart and bought a few household items that we needed and some dinky cars too! Driving home I saw my friends Car parked in the parking lot of his favorite watering hole so I pulled in. He was watching the game so I decided to watch it with him (it was the start of the 3rd Q) rather than later on PVR. My little guy played with his cars, had some french fries and a nice glass of milk while I enjoyed a few coffees.

The Tiger-Cats had their tails handed to them... again.
The Tiger-Cats best defensive play came from the goal post... we laughed.

Then my little guy and I went home and watched the Irish win!

Goooooooooooooo Irish!


Lucky you. I had a bunch of stuff to get done today too but wasted it on the worst performance of the season.

Rusty, at least you chose well for the little guy, in the IRISH!

Big Ang Mosca would be proud of you! :rockin: :cowboy: 8)

Yep I say drop the Cats and enjoy the NFL. At least in that league hits are hits and penalties called are usually deserved.