Great Game Chris Bauman

This was his best game as Pro Very Proud of his Effort .

See you next year Chris you Final Turn it around Proud of the Effort :thup:

He was great today. Good catches, took a nice hit and even recovered a fumble!

Looks like he has taken full advantage of Stala being here and learning from him.

Agreed. Chris Bauman played a solid game today. He can certainly build on this for next year.

Yeah, I figure I'll come in here to eat some crow. I've been hard on Chris all year, but he stepped up and played great this afternoon.

4 catches for 54 yards is a great game?

It was when and how the catches were made. At least 2 of them converted a 2nd and long, and on a 3rd and long, Chris grabbed a poorly thrown pass from Glenn which was behind him to convert. That and the fumble by Drisan James. This was a breakout game for Chris Bauman.

Okay, I guess great is an over-statement. He did what was asked of him though, which is a lot better than what usually happens.

Disagree. It's what he's supposed to do. IMO, none were great catches.

Now who's being a grumpy so and so. Bauman being the 4th receiver had a great day. If it had been Bruce with 4 catches I'd tend to agree it was far from great. And BTW he made at least 1 terrific catch out of the 4 that I would not expect to be a given from any receiver in any league

This is what we need from Chris every game. But the stats don't tell the whole story.

He had 0 drops. He helped move the sticks. He took some hits and still got up. He was solid and was noticed by a lot of people today.

54 yards per game works out to be 900+ yards on the season. I would take that from him every year.

Yes, VERY good game!

Except when he ducked out of the way of a ball that was coming right at him.

But he made some good plays other than that.

Is Chris a UFA?

I believe Chris is in his option year this year and if I'm not wrong so are Dyakowski and Barker (I think we signed him to a 2-1)

That is arguably the best game Chris has had as a Ticat. I have to disagree with you on this one, CK. Quite a few of the passes thrown by KG today were not good and one of them was to Bauman. I think he did a great job when he was on the field and, as mentioned, he extended drives. You can't ask for more than that.


Oh, I agree. he did what he was supposed to do. I don't think he did more than was expected of him. That's not a knock. He had a good, solid game. It was nice to see.

Have to agree with others here that in my view that was Bauman's best game so far. If he doesn't wind up with his buddy Jesse in Edmonton I think next year could be very good for him and us. If he winds up in Edmonton or elsewhere I hope we get something significant in return a la a cornerback.

I thought he played a very good game. He may not have piled up the yardage but the fact that he held onto some of those passes despite taking some absolutely brutal hits was impressive. No doubt he was soaking in the tub after that game.

I agree he had a good game, but common, he's been around this team for three years, what he did yesterday should be a regular thing. With the exception of him ducking from the ball at the goal line instead of raising his hands to catch it. Had he caught it, that it was pretty much a guaranteed TD. Instead we ended up with a FG.

To be fair, Chris isn't getting as much playing time as he could be and he doesn't have many balls thrown his way.

Great game, either way.

I think he played an excellent game, making some clutch catches and taking hard hits. This wouldn't be notable but for the fact that Chris takes frequent heat on this site for dropping balls and not being effective in traffic. Credit where it's due. Congratulations, Chris.