Great game by the Lions tonight!

:smiley: I think the Lions played a good game tonight, with a dynamite defensive display! Good to see Buck back behind the centre, as he seems to have the right mindset to lead this set of offensive weapons that are at his disposal!
Watching the game I noticed the Sask player say "To beat us you have to play 60 minutes!" :lol:
Cam Wake answered that shot by showing why he is the dest D_Lineman in the game today!

Just got home and it's great to get that win under our belts. Now it's crucial to get the back to back wins...won't be an easy thing to do. I love the passion that Geroy's showing...I know he's just one guy, but I think he fires up the offense. I'm too tired to really break anything down because I cheered my lungs out...just a great win and the confidence is building.

With Wake and if Pierce stays healthy Lions may get back to the cup. In the west or the east. Pierce is much better than Jackson. Cant believe Shivers cant find someone better than Noskillren.

BC. Calgary. Edmonton. My Riders. The west is loaded. May be best west race ever. Every team may win 10 games. May have all west grey cup.

Austin, you are so right. I've never seen (or remembered) a division so close and so tough like the Western Division.

We could have an all West Grey Cup. While its difficult to win two in a row back East, if Winnipeg can pass Toronto, it would make things easier (From a time zone point of view)for A Western team to represent the East!

First CFL game for my friend, and he says to me "that guy should play in the NFL!" Cam Wake 3rd sack of the night... Animal.