Great game by Argos

Very good effort by Argos and there coaches. Big surprise after the payer and coach losses. Nice

I'll give the Argos credit but, as we know of course, pre-season, but the Argos do look very good will admit.

Didn't get to see the game but if the CFL stats for the game are accurate - 9 sacks for the argos?! Including 3 on the first team group on Colllaros? Yikes, talk about bringing the pressure. Sounds like the Argos blitzed more than usual in a preseason game. Why didn't we blitz much when Burke was the HC here in Wpg?!

[ol]- Sacks don't always mean blitzing. You can generate sacks with a good push from a four or five-man front.

  • Behind Burke's defense, you guys made the Grey Cup final in 2011.
  • See my signature. :wink:[/ol]

I'm worried about Toronto, I think they might be better, much better than I thought. :?

Don't write your team off after a single preseason game, Earl! The high number of sacks are a concern, but the Grey Cup isn't awarded in preseason. :wink: The Cats are typically slow starters anyway, but as long as the team builds up momentum, I would put some confidence in what Austin has built.

Toronto Brings back the best QB in the league by far so they will have that advantage. They do have a RB position that needs to be filled but they have several players who can do that role IMHO. The rest of the Argo offense is pretty much in tact
Cant forget that Burke is a top DC in the CFL and his defense is not an off the wall Chris Jones Defense and he got his guy in MLB in Emery.
Hamilton deserving of all of the hype but Toronto is still very talented and have some top Canadian talent and good depth.
Not shocking that Trevor Harris is a solid back up and Gale as well.

Look for Toronto as well as Hamilton alreading beginning pumpin out QBs Milanovich and Austin are QB gurus

Funny thing is that Emry spent most if not all of the game receiving injury treatment on the sidelines.

Correct me if I'm wrong, hivemind, but aren't there no national/int'l restrictions during preseason play? This is another reason why it might be advisable not to read too much into the result. For example, I imagine that if Emry missed the whole game in the regular season, Toronto would have been forced to use a national backup in his place, rather than the int'l linebacker who by all accounts had a great game against Hamilton.

Only if they were playing with the minimum 7 NI. I don't see Toronto,Hamilton or Montreal being in that position unless multiple injuries hit them.

  1. Yes I'm aware of that. The specs Scratchingpost blog said the argo's blitzed quite a bit, more than usual for a preseason game.
  2. I'm aware of what we did behind his defense. My question is why did we abandon those things and him become so hands off once he became HC? Especially when the D was struggling to stop anyone's pass attack last season.

And as for your question about the ratio in preseason, no it's not in effect. Allows teams the freedom to assess players.

Wolverine, first off, Burke has NEVER been a blitzing DC. Never. He believes in that rush-four philosophy. We saw it for three years in Montreal. He blitzes occasionally, but his defences don't live on it. So that preseason game is likely an anomaly. As for what happened when he was HC, well, he wasn't DC. It was Casey "Professional Wingnut" Creehan. Big difference. Sure, you may have the same playbook, but it would have been up to Creehan to adjust on the fly, earn the respect of his players, and call the right plays at the right time. He did none of those things. To me, his ceiling is position coach. He's too much of a loose canon to be a good coordinator.

Milonovich is proving to be a smart HC surrounding himself with good coaches.
Daley also a top ST coach.
D lineman like to get afterthe QB and that is what Burke does.Being very well set with Canadian talent pretty much gives Burke alot of options on the Dline

I didn't see many blitzes by the Argos. Several of the sacks were straight pushes from the end or tackle. One was a great chase-down from behind. The Argo d-linemen seem to have high-rev motors.

The argos and als scare me this yr. The tictas have to have a quick start.

I don't know why people thought the Argos weren't going to be as good this year. Their offence has almost completely remained intact minus Kackert and Inman. So far they have been replaced with a RB by committee and Chiles/Sinkfield.

Their defense has had a complete makeover but I think that was for the better. Their defense let them down a few times last year and it was time for Jones to move on. Burke is arguably the best DC in the game and he added some key pieces to that unit while keeping Veterans intact (Black, Laing, Horton, Yurichuk).

I don't think the Argos are going to dominate or anything this year (I don't think anyone will dominate) but they should be 1st or 2nd in the East no problem and likely get 10-13 wins.

Yes I know Burke doesn't blitz often and relies on pressure from his ends who often can pile up the sack stats (Willis, Hall in Wpg, Bowman in Mtl). And how much the Argos blitzed last night I don't know. Like I said, I didn't see the game, I was basing my comments off of this:

When both teams played their projected starting units in the trenches, the Argos came out ahead on both sides of the ball. Yes,[b] the Argos blitzed more right off the top than the Ticats would have expected in a pre-season game[/b], but Collaros was on the run from the beginning. And he was sacked three times.

Maybe Milton was mistaken and they didn't blitz as much as he thought, could be something Burke has added to his scheme on his own or under request by Milanovich.

Creehan may have been working under Burke's playbook but as HC he had every right to take over, especially when the wheels were falling off. His problem is he's too loyal to Creehan, who he brought with him to Toronto. Anyways, he's back where he belongs, as a DC, where he's best suited.

All they do is acquire other teams' players and coaches. Their current staff is like an Als reunion night: Milanovich, Brady, Burke. Ray came from Edmonton. Owens from Montreal. They've never developed a single one of their major pieces on their own. :lol:

Good thing the Ticats developed Austin, Steinauer and Collaros all on their own, eh! :lol:

I have to go with the 3 team race myself and put Montreal right up there on the level of Toronto and Hamilton.
Montreal like the other two have some holes to fill. They need to get their kicking game starightened out for sure. Troy Smith was able to adapt quickly with a right mind set to take his other high level football expereinces and adapt them to the CFL. No reason for the Als not to have spectacular cover teams Units with there personnel they need to find a punter and Kick off guy who can boom the Ball.
The Trestman AC era with all offensive approach with a plethera of D coordinators and teams coaches. The D has stability now. For teams realizes that saving a roster spot for a one kicker system is not worth it if the Kicker can not do proficient at least at the three duties.

Huh? You think I'm a Cats fan? :lol:

I'm an Als fan, friend.

IMO, Steinhauer is a Hamilton product. He started in Toronto, but he only came into his own once he made the move to Hamilton.