.....first of all who was the dunce that said Fred Reid was not a good back...i think his handle goes something like hfxtc....Guess he showed you a little something there eh bud....Club record....hmmmmmmm....Finally the BigBlue put in a full effort....IF we can keep er goin....could be a lot of trouble for a few clubs down the stretch....Kelly finally woke up and went back to basics...... :rockin: :thup:

Isn't football, and the CFL in particular great. Any given day, you just can't predict what is going to happen.

I gotta admit, the Blue surprised the hell out of me tonight by dominating the Lions. Reid played unconscious, although why Kelly kept him in during the fourth quarter with a wonky hamstring is beyond me. On the flip side, and this is not to minimize Reid's accomplishment at all, words cannot describe how poor the Lions' run D was. I am absolutely flabbergasted. They couldn't stop the run from bell to bell. Embarrassing.

Bishop played a good game for him -- handed the ball off, threw when he had to, scrambled to buy himself time, and most importantly, avoided the arm-punts (passed it on to JJ, actually! :wink:). When your running backs are driving tanks through the line of scrimmage, you don't have to win the game on your own, just manage it, and Bish did just that. Good job.

....just maybe ...having someone else involved with the Bomber offence is a good thing???? :roll: :wink:

Congrats to the Bombers and Fred Reid on an important win.

Papa, the Lions defense is absolutely terrible and what I wrote regarding Reid and your welcome to dig it up is that Reid will have great games against weak opponents and do absolutely nothing against tougher opponents. Like gainging 49 yards against Montreal and than 250 against the Lions proves my point , not the other way around.

Really happy for Bomber fans BTW

Great to see signs of hope. Still, it was BC who gave Ticat Cobb his big games too, so we'll have to see what can be built on this against other opponents who will now presumably be watching for it.

If the CFL were ranked like English soccer, I think at this point we may be leading the third division over BC and Toronto, which of course is all we need to make the playoffs. The back-to-back with Sask will show if we're ready for the second division.

Those 49 yards Reid picked up against Montreal were only the biggest effort against them so far this year. I'd hardly call that doing absolutely nothing, and it was a very sub-par effort from him. I'm going to go out on a limb and say he improves significantly on that during our rematch.

He will have at least 3 more shots at it, possibly 4 if the Bombers can travel to MTL for the EAST final. Cause we already know that's where it will be :wink:

Also I like him better when he's running with the ball instead of running his mouth :thup:

A positive note for Bomber fans. Trestman described the Bombers as a "violent" team. So that's one mean bunch on defense...

Again to show how wrong you are about Reid (and the Bombers in general)

Week 1 in EDM 13 carries for 92 yards (7 yard average) Is Edm a weak team?
Week 2 vs Cal 13 carries for 81 yards (6.2 average) is Cal a weak team?
Week 3 in Ham 16 carries for 88 yards (5.5 average) Is Ham a weak team?
Week 4 vs Tor 12 carries for 32 yards (2.7 average) Toronto is a weak team
Week 5 in Tor 8 carries for 26 yards (3.3 average) Poor performance against a weak team again
Week 6 in Cal 17 carries for 167 yards (9.8 yard average) 2 great performances against a good team
week 7 vs Mont 10 carries for 49 yards (4.9 average) not a great total, but limited touches
Week 8 in BC 26 carries for 260 yards (10 yard average) BC also a weak team

So what this shows is the only teams Reid hasn't had a very good game against are Montreal and Toronto. Hardly "Reid will have great games against weak opponents and do absolutely nothing against tougher opponents."

When will you admit that you are wrong?

Is Hamilton a weak team? No. Once MB get's it through his head that it's completely stupid to keep starting an injured QB, we'll be okay.

Suiter kept saying he thought Reid had injured his hamstring but he didn't. After the game Reid said it was his ankle but he was fine.

I think if a player is having the game of his life and want's to play you don't take that away from him. It is a game...

Oh and Suiter is anoying as all hell.

I'll agree with you on that one. Reid knew it was an ankle, not a hamstring - and they are heading into a bye week. Lots of time to heal.

However - I will challenge you regarding his ability to play against better teams. In the CFL any backs goal is 20 touches & 100 yards offence. Against MTL he has 10 touches for 49 yards :smiley: It wasn't Reid that let the team down - it was that fact that they were so far behind they abondoned the run. If Reid gets 20 touches I believe he will deliver 100 - 150 yards consistently, and against anyone. Week 4 & 5 (both TO) were certainly off the pace, but I think there was more to that story than Reid.

Bombers fans can correct me if I'm wrong, but I figured Kelly left Reid in so he could get the franchise record. I don't mean this as a slag, but Bombers fans haven't had a lot to cheer about in the first third of the season, so I figured Kelly wanted to give this to the fans. That was my impression, anyway...

Big congrats to Reid, too. :thup:

It was more for Reid and his teammates than the fans, imo. Bryant's record withstood the likes of Reeves and Roberts, pretty big deal for Reid.

LoL, didn’t your FB go over 100yds too? Wow Thnx boys!

Your next. :wink:

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Know you're glad your team won, but remember: the Lions just don't have the horses to stop the run. My Ticats ran all over them this year. And everyone knows that if you stop Reid, you stop the Bombers cold, because the Bombers have no passing game at all. Even knowing that, the Lions couldn't do it. And it was definitely because of a lack of talent in the Lion front seven on D, not because of the great talent on the Bomber O-Line.
This win at least will get the fans off Kelly's back until next week, when reality sets in again.