Great Game BC your team is showing it should be in First!

Well after a bit of a rocky start (riders) your team showed it true game! congradulations on your win against the Eskies!

You're right the team has played very well over the past 3 games, they look like real cup contenders.

Lets not plan the parade route yet. We're still one hit away from having Dickenson knocked out (Sprained ankle for Thursday?) Still they looked pretty good last Friday.

I want to see how they match up against Montreal and Calgary again.

Maybe the team that has the best backup qb or qb's could be the teams that get to the GC and BC has a good one in Pierce I think whereas, if you look at Toronto for example, with Wynn, man, bad.

I think no matter what QB is in for the Argos they would be bad! They should not even have an oline they stop nothing! :lol:

The Leos have played well, but they need to keep it up. It's still too early in the season to think about playoffs, let alone the Grey Cup.