Great Game BC Lions fans

That was a good game last night and could have gone either way. But both teams played well. The good thing about a loss though is that it forces the coaches to find out what changes need to be made to fix any problems that may have cost them the game. But an entertaining game for sure.

Thanks. We have a lot of problems right now. Hopefully they can fix them soon or else this season will go in the toilet.

um lets reflect the stamps are the best team in the cfl right now!( sask you dont have a prayer against the stamps right now) and we almost beat them! um last place looks like a great place to lie low regroup and win the cup!

Sorry I'm late to offer Congrats RW2005. Things have been crazy here.

Your Stamps played very well. Very dangerous receiving corp. Huff has got the Stamps playing great football.

Two bad calls late in the game, complete garbage. Changed the game. Anybody could've seen that.

I agree. Its the refs' fault were in last place, and thats just where we want to be before we win the cup ha ha ha.....oh you guys were being serious???