Great Game Als

Anthony is one of my favorite QBs and today he put on a clinic. His passes were razor sharp and his receivers were awesome. What we saw today was a statement. A statement that the Als are in a league all of their own this year. 15 wins, most number of points for, fewest points scored against and on and on. The way they have played all season there are few teams that could ever touch them.

Congrats to the Lions for putting in their best effort and not giving up. It is always tough to try to stay in the game play after play with almost a 1/4 of football left and down by almost 4 TDs.

Well done Als. You guys are fully deserving of the victory today and all the best in the Grey Cup!

A great team this year and there is no doubt the Als in my mind will win the GC, regardless of who they will play.

It will be pretty pathetic if the Al's don't win the GC....about time!

The Als look too dominant to lose this year. The only way it'll be close is if they make mistakes....probably due to weather. That offense makes you pay for any mistakes you make and the D line causes opposing QBs to run for their lives. Hard to stop that.

Lots of respect for the Lions on my end. I did not feel secure at halftime even with a 20-point lead, not in the least, and when you had the kickoff TD, I thought it would be a fight to the finish. Fortunately, we got the bounces.

Yes, but BC always dominates Montreal. Did you guys know the Alouettes haven't won at BC since Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister? Just shows you how much better BC is then Montreal THIS season :cowboy:

Nobody in their right frame of mine can say the Als didn't deserve to win. The score was approperiate. We played poorly and it showed. The Als schooled the Lions badly.

The Lions did their best, but they were up against a truly great team that is more than likely going to win the GC. Grats to both teams for a great effort, and especially to the Als for firing on all cylinders. The 'riders will have their work cut out for them. That's for sure.

Als by 14 in the Cup I think but who knows, I picked the Stamps by about 7 and boy was I wrong.

I'm might be totally wrong, but I think the Als have more overall talent, but the 'riders have momentum, heart, and the 13th man. If it isn't a blowout it should be a good game. The 'riders must keep it close in the first quarter. If they go down by 10 like they did today it could be over early.

It is clear that the Als did everything right this year and if there is any justice they will win next week in Calgary. But we have been down that road several times now and tha Als have not accomplished anything yet, I was at the game in Mtl and left before they received the East champs trophy because I don't care for that trophy. I think this is probably the best Als in history, we have to win sunday. GO ALS GO.

BTW. this is a very classy thread (they are rare these days...) congrats to the Lions for making it that far on a rebuilding year in spite of all the injuries and QB problems that they had. I am sure they will be back next year waiting for us in BC place... :rockin:

Grats to the Als, they played a dominant game. Hopefully the lions fix some of their holes. O line first, not enough protection especially after losing Angus! Secondary next, more consistency out there and a bit of depth. Losing Marsh was a big issue with AC exploiting his replacement all game. QB was another issue, or more specifically QB injuries. Maybe with Casey that becomes much less of a problem now. Overall not too bad for a year that everyone predicted the Lions would not do as well as they usually do because of high turnover among the players. Didnt see any other team using 5 QBs, some teams even struggle with their second, including the mighty als. Many said dont bother packing for the trip, but they made er to the conference finals. Made it farther than the ti cats and esks and just as far as the stamps. (wonder if sandro rocked the calgary baby to sleep after losing lol)

If the als play like they did sunday I think the riders will have a very hard time with them. Its football, anyone can win and as many here have been proven wrong to various degrees when they say dont bother taking the trip. For the riders to win I believe that the als need to not play their game or the riders need to play out of their minds. In football, you can look like a world beater one day and a chump the next...and vice versa. Lets see who shows up for grey cup!