Great Game... A good loss

Last nights game is the kind of loss that I can live with. Sure it stings that we lost but our team went into enemy territory and came within a hair of pulling off the win.

With our other losses we lost because Glenn couldn't hit his receivers or the defense couldn't stop anything. Those losses left a bitter feeling with fans. This loss... it just is what it is. Our offense played well and our defense played well. A few big mistakes (Glenn's INT, Williams goal line fumble) and some big penalties... but that's football.

Great game boys... we'll get the next one.

I gave up on moral victories long ago. It's "W" or nothing.


Hi Rusty:

Like many Hamilton fans, I was very disappointed with the loss. After a good nights sleep and now possessing, I hope, a clearer mind, I see hope and some positive things.

Despite the bad penalties, mistakes, missed opportunities and such, as others have pointed out, this team came within 3 points of tying a game against the team with the best record in the CFL. The men of the black and gold fought til the bitter end and never gave up. I was proud of their determination.

And before we hang our secondary out to dry, this is the same group that a couple of games ago did such a superb job against Montreal's excellent receiving corp and the best quarterback that this league has seen in some time and may never see again, Anthony Cavillo.

And let's not forget that they played this game in Winnipeg's backyard against a sold out and very very noisy crowd.

Take away the fumble at the goal line by Chris Williams and the missed field goal and it could have been a 7 point win for the Cats. By the way, on that fumble, the replay showed to me a Chris Williams slowing down to allow some blocking so he could go for the end zone, I think the kid showed some smarts there. The fumble not so much. Keep in mind that he also caught 7 passes for 162 yards and got us one TD. It's not like he didn't contribute.

This adversity will serve this team well later in the season should Hamilton have to go against this same team or another in a playoff game.

I think, if our team proved anything last night, is that the Tiger cats lost the game more than the BB's won it and that this other blue team is ENTIRELY beatable.

Chins up. These next two games will show how much character the Tiger cats truly have. We'll get another crack at the Bombers later in the season too.

P.S...Winnipeg has yet to play Montreal. We'll see shortly how they stack up after those encounters. I said I was hopeful...I didn't say I wasn't bitter!!!!

Every team in the CFL is beatable on any given day.

Not one team in this league, especially this year, is invincible. Yes, maybe the Ti-Cats lost the game more than the Bombers won it, but the fact is it's STILL A LOSS and it gives Winnipeg the season series, even still with one game left for these teams to play before the post season. This was a must-win for the Ti-Cats, especially with a home-at-home series upcoming with Montreal, they're going to be in tough to keep pace with Montreal and Winnipeg in the East. And that's if Toronto doesn't go on a run (which you can never count them out). What separates good teams from okay teams is their ability to close out ugly games, win the close ones.

If you look at Winnipeg last year, they had ALL sorts of moral victories last year, but the fact remained that they were a dismal 4-14. Most of those loses were by 5 points or less. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades

Given the fact that the Ti-Cats where expected to be a dominant team and ranked high in the power rankings at the beginning of the season, they're underachieving. I suppose some fans have become content with moral victories and mediocrity, given what's happened over the last few seasons. I'm pretty sure that's little consolation to the players. And I'm sure they didn't go into Winnipeg thinking that if they only lose by three then who cares if they won or lost.

Hi Shorty:

I hear what you're saying and I don't necessarily disagree with you.

However, our kicking game was awful last year and this year, Medlock is tied for second in kicking points (82). His leg is not only proving accurate, but strong as well. Our Thigpen is third in the league with combined returned yards (769). Beswick is leading with most special team tackles (14). These are areas where we were weak and are improving.

Keven Glenn, as usual, is leading the league in passing yardage with 2,100 and a 96.1 rating. Avon is third in rushing (566). Stala is leading in touchdowns (42). Our offensive line is tied for first on fewest quarterback sacks (9). I remember hearing complaints in the past that we did not have speed or good hands in the receiving corp. Williams, Grant and Kelly have brought that and then some. And we still have Mann waiting in the wings.

Defensively, we rank fourth or lower on most team stats. With a new DC, perhaps we need to wait a little longer.

Obie is moving us in the right direction. For the first time in a long long wait, I see the light and I don't think it's an on coming train!!!

I smell a brain fart. :lol:

If Stala has had 42 touchdowns this year our record should be 8 - 0 not 4 - 4. :wink:

Otherwise some very good points made. :thup:

There no good loss it was just a loss digging our 3rd place hole Even Deeper.

This is 500 Football like it been past 2 Seasons

Hey old fan. some good valid points. I agree the Ti-Cats show much promise and Obie is doing alot to push the team in the right direction.

What boggles my mind is; with the Ti-Cats having some pretty good stats, especially on offense then why 4-4? What has stalled this team and prevented them from pushing it to the next level, like the Als, who can play like crap and still eek out a win? They seem to have this consistent mediocrity for the past 2 seasons with Glenn at the helm

...up to the (almost) midway point of the season. They easily could be 6 - 2 and not 4 - 4. (They should have beat Winnipeg twice). I will hold my (ultimate) judgment until November 3.

Hi Mike:

A brain fart? That could be why the kids left the room when I started thinkin and typin. Ok, let me correct. Dave Stala has 7 touchdowns and 42 points so far this season.

Alright then. That's still pretty good ...ehhh, Mike.

Hi old fan.

I’m (really, really) glad you cleared the air. (I’m sure your kids are too). :lol:

Yeah 42 points is still really good. :thup: (although wouldn’t 42 td’s be great?)

Woulda, coulda, shoulda ... they didn't beat Winnipeg and I think that's what is frustrating to alot of people. They can't seem to push it to the next level and pull the wins when they need to.

Toronto could also easily have a better record as well but they don't.

Nobody wins the Grey Cup in August, do they? Again I will wait until November 3 to pass my judgment on this year’s version of the Ticats. BTW saying the blew team could have a better record is a bit of an oxymoron imo.

Hi Shorty:

Ask Blogskee, I was one of those who criticized Glenn earlier this season and wasn't convinced he could get it done. But when you look at the quarterback comparisons on the CFL stat sheet, He ranks first. Cavillo is third, and Buck Pierce is 7th. We have two receivers in the top ten in touchdowns with Stala and Williams, only Montreal has more. Winnipeg has only one.

In the giveaway / takeaway department, Hamilton is third (+2) behind Montreal (+4) and Winnipeg has +19.

At this point, to be fair, I think Glenn is doing everything he can to win. Penalties, mistakes and a young defense with a first time DC still trying to establish themselves, I think, are some of the reasons why this team is still not quite there.

I know Winnipeg has a pretty good defense, but that +19 is going to catch up to them. When it does, they are going to find some losses, and have to deal with some adverstity.

Hopefully they will turn the ball over at some key times during the playoffs.

Missed the last game (on vacation), but from the sounds of it the game was close, and the Cats could have won. I know the first game of the year was certainly winnable as well. We may be down by 2 games, but neither team appears to be greatly better than the other.

The Bombers may be tough to catch now, but if they start to slow down at the end of the year, they could be ripe for the picking by a team on a streak.

It would be nice to finish ahead of Montreal. We are going to have to have some good games in the next two weeks to start down that road.


Hi old fan. I agree. A young team that can grow and is in the midst of going through growing pains. It's taking key penalties at key times in the game or a key drop or turnover. Those combinations against an opportunistic defense can definitely add up to a loss

I was extremely impressed with the O line of Hamilton. Starting a few really good import O lineman essentially gives GLENN a clean pocket to throw the ball. GLENN is basically picking apart defenses when he is given time to do it.

Hamilton is a really good team, except they need to have the KILLER instinct. They are not closing teams when they have the CHANCE TO. Its a similar pattern where their offense goes COLD in the 4th qtr on the road vs good teams like CGY and Winnipeg.

Cobourne for all the talking he does has to make the runs near the end zone- When he was stopped on the 3rd and 3 deep in Winnipeg territory and Hamilton settled for a fgoal and went up by 7 it was game over. Hamilton lost the game right there-

If they want to win games, they have to put teams away late in the 2nd half. They simply have to score, Chris Williams had the TD, just a lazy mistake.

I think Hamilton is much better than Winnipeg after seeing that game- As long as you guys get a good deep safety that can actually understand that if Buck is going to throw deep its likely going to be to Denmark or Edwards, you guys can beat Winnipeg--

Hamilton offense looks really solid, but they need to score touchdowns in the 2nd half and I think they are going to do some damage at home this season---

I have no idea what you mean when you say being "+19 is going to catch up to them". Are the Bombers going to win the turnover battle every game - no. When they lose the turnover battle are they going to lose the game - stats say more often than not, a team will lose. But I don't see how a stat like give away/take aways can "catch up to you".

I "think" he was referring to things always have a way of averaging out over time. Hopefully he will see your response and either confirm or deny my inference.