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Hello all,

I was just on Hamilton's forum and we had a realy awsome forum going called "Bad news for CFL"
RE: NFL in Canada.

Due to the fact that the forum magically disapeared I thought Hey, lets talk to the rest of CFL fans.

It seems that here seems to be the place to talk about NFL v.s. CFL.

The original thread was talking about Godfrey holding a press confrence about NFL comming to Toronto.

The NFL has expressed plans to place 2 new NFL teams in thier league. One would go to L.A. the other possibly to Toronto. CFL fans fear that this would be the end of the CFL in the east. This is not so. The only team that would be affected would be the Argos. With the NFL comming to Canada and the Argos gone or moved it would allow expansion of the CFL to London or even Halifax.

Cripes. How stupid are people? The NFL coming to Toronto. It will magically kill the CFL? Paul Godfrey is going to have some kind of news conference?

First point. The NFL would expand to Mexico before Toronto. Point two the CFL has survived and buried baseball, the NBA and arena football. The NFL wouldn’t stand a chance.

And lastly, anybody who listens to anything Paul Godfrey spouts is a bigger moron then he is. The guys is running the Blue Jays into extinction, yet he now supposedly is bringing the NFL to Toronto? Paul Godfrey is a complete idiot.

I totaly agree about Godfrey, however when Taglibue annonced his retirement one of his regrets was no team in L.A. He then expressed that he will put in motion the expansion of two teams, one to L.A. and the other possibly to Toronto. Las Vegas was ruled out because although the NFL is one of the largest leagues gambled on, the league itself does not publicly condone gambling. I'm not to sure about Mexico. Do you think they can afford the asking ticket price of $65 American for nose bleeds. (To all MEXICANS please don't take offence. We also got screwed by free trade). Therefore the threat of the NFL invading CFL territory is possible.(weather or not rummor is true)

to Berrizin99: Cool handle.

The magical disapearence I was refering to was the actual Forum we were talking on. Not the CFL. If we ever lost the CFL I think Canadians would loose a sense of who we are.

here is a quick and eary solution to LA, don't expand (I don't think they can anymore), and have the NY Jets to out to LA.

That's an easy solution. Unfortunately, all the NFL cares about is $$$$$$. Each team in the NFL recieves $125,000,000 in T.V. revinue sharing. The more teams they have the more money they bring in, which basicaly shows that an NFL franchise is a licence to print money. Thats why an NFL franchise is so important to that dummy Godfrey.

By the way, sorry. I was just informed that it wasn't a forum that was deleted. It was a thread. I'm still kinda new to this whole forum/thread/chat thing so bear with me. I just love my football. Especially CFL.

The NFL doesn't need or want TORONTO.

There are many markets in the U.S. that want an NFL team.

Why would the NFL want a team in CANADA when Canada had ?


A huge drop in Blue JAY attendence
Who watches the RAPTORS on T.V.?

THE BILLS , 1 and half hours drive away from Toronto , an hour dive from HAMILTON?

The CFL is the second most watched sport in CANADA , the NFL just makes the top 5 along with the NBA?

I think that NFL fans in CANADA are just realizing that the CFL is only second to hockey in this country and are panicing! :wink: :lol:

Why is it again we are in the middle of the CFL season and someone brings NFL news to the CFL site. WHo cares about it? HT is right there is no chance in hell that TO will get an NFL franchise for the reasons he just mentioned. So some one carries these tails to this site yet again! I suggest the mods should move NFL discussions to off topic so the true fans of the CFL can discuss their sport!
IF TO fans want the NFL drive down the higway the Bills can use the support!
This would not kill the CFL for sure!

In no way am I saying I like the NFL better than the CFL, but in response to the drive to Bufflo, when Ralph Wilson Dies his family (who are from Detroit, and have no ties with Buffalo) have already said that the team will be for sale to the highest bidder. which could be Godfrey from T.O.

Also, The NFL have been talking about expansion into Canada since the late 70’s. Toronto was offered an expansion in the early 80’s and turned it down because the CFL was booming at the time.

re: Blue Jays attendance.
I recieved tickets to a Jays game and it’s no wonder attendance is down. It’s definatly not the same as the exibition stadium days. Now all you have is a bunch of stuffed suits glaring at people who are trying to have fun and cheer like days past.

by the way, the CFL is no longer in the boom it was in the 80's and some CFL owners care more about profit than the integrity of the league. (Starting to sound framilliar NHL) Therefor for theese owners the possibilty of moving an existing NFL team or new franchise is more appealing than keeping a Canadian tradition and game in certain cities.

To redwhite2005:
I'll say it once again. I'll give my right arm for the CFL. If you would like us to move somewhere else to talk about this fine. We'll do it just FOR YOU!!!!! Cause it seems this site was intended just for you. NOT!!!!!!!!

I think (JUST MY OPINION) that it is important to discuss NFL/CFL. The more we talk about it, the more we can see we don't want to be like the NFL. (All about $$$$$$$ not about the game)

Godfrey holding a press conference that the NFL is coming to Toronto? Pffft. Looks like McMahon got another one.

Jukebox the problem is this is the cfl site yes your topic has the cfl in it! But over the past few weeks this site has been bombarded with guys just like you with NFL comparisons. Now in your tiny little world in Toronto this might be very important to you! Great! But if you read the threads so far that mention the NFL I believe many here have had enough. By the way do you no McMahon or do you work for his cough sports reporting cough firm.
Many Argo fans that come to this site is sick and tired of the Toronto media yapping about the NFL. So Since this is a CFL site why oh why would we care about the NFL! You mentioned Toronto was offered or mentioned the NFL was a posiblity in the 70's and 80's that was a long time ago and guess what the NFL is not in Toronto and probably never will! If it does the American wanna bee's will get tired of it real quick and guess what the NFL will need to move it somewhere else. Mexico will get a franchise long before the Center of the Universe! How is that you got me to talk about it! Now the mods should start moving these to the off topic then and only then the four or five individuals that discuss NFL can have their very own little thread. Good enough for you!

You may wanna check those zeros. 4 billion in TV revenue seems kinda high to me!

He probably means over the course of a TV deal which can translate into 5 or more seasons. There's certainly no way in hell ONE team will net $125M solely on TV revenue in one year.

4 billion in tv revenue might seem high but then again cbs paid 3.7 billion and fox paid 4 thats not including what espn and nbc has paid for the rights to sunday and monday nigh games

a new franchise in the nfl costs 1 billion dollars you don't ask or spend that kind of money if you aren't going to make it back

I stand corrected

[url=] ... Apr18.html[/url]

The NFL negotiated separate six-year deals with CBS and Fox last November that totaled $8 billion, as well as a five-year, $3.5 billion extension of its deal with DirecTV, also starting in 2006, in which fans can buy a package of games through the satellite system. Starting that season, the NFL will average $3.74 billion a year in television revenue, and that figure likely will go higher.

I believe the NFL gets 6 billion a year in tv revenuue. Most NFL teams pay all their bills with their TV revenue and the money they make from concessions, parking and ticket sales is pure profit.