Great for CFL Cheerleaders, Miss Grey Cup Contest during GC

CFL Cheerleaders volunteer and promote the leaque and their team and do a great job in want they do and are talented.
They deserve to be recognized and deserve to be part of The Grey Cup.

Will make for a great feature where they are featured and profiled on their own CFL sites.


They should do away with the Miss Grey Cup pageant as well. Time to get rid of the dinosaur events like the GC parade and Miss Grey Cup. We need more interactive and updated events to draw the younger generation into the CFL

Huh? Hasn't it always been part of the Grey Cup? I don't get it.

And how will getting rid of Miss Grey Cup help? I can maybe understand ditching the parade, but why get rid of the pageant? Are there no young women who are interested? I doubt that as long as the prizes are decent and they get some good media exposure. Are young people not interested in looking at beautiful young women any more? That seems totally unlikely.

Keep both need both!

Parades are out-dated? huh?

It was pretty popular in Winnipeg.

Cheerleaders volunteer since when? I thought they made money like 500$ a game.


Why would you get rid of a competition like Miss grey cup?
The title is odd, but how are you getting rid of the key demographic if this is anything like a normal miss ___ competition in other words attractive girls paraded around, that tends to be good at drawing the 18-35 crowd.

How do alot of cheerleading squads fund raise, Calenders/posters. competition of this sort if sponsored would seem to be another one.

I wasn't aware there was a Miss Grey Cup Pageant anymore. Thought they got rid of it about 20 years ago...?

As for cheerleaders getting $500 a game, there isn't a union, therefore I doubt they get a set amount, if anything at all. They get the crumbs teams give them, and usually have sponsors.

I was thinking more along the lines of children when I referred to the younger generation. Interactive stuff where you get to be a QB or kicker or something along those lines. The parade and Miss Grey Cup are relics, some(Arius for an example) had no idea that the pegeant still existed, and gets very little media coverage.

Well there is ALWAYS room for new ideas and new promotions that will engage youth. I say the more creative the better. The league should set up a CFL youth society that includes young people from all across the country and let them brainstorm cool ideas for promoting the games.

That said, the CFL isn't ALL about youth. It's also about old farts like me with healthy incomes and maybe kids who want to go to the games. They need to entertain us too. I say keep the Grey Cup babes =D Parade 'em around a little too.

That's crazy talk! These things go back so long because theyre great. Is sex a dinosaur/relic? how about beer? or pizza?

No because theyre great and stand the test of time. I was unaware this pageant existed now you wanna take it away from me? Go watch the Nun football league if youre so against parading around hot women in skimpy outfits

Also that "be a kicker/QB" stuff is awful I had to endure seeing 8 overweight losers attempt a 30 yard field goal and not one of em could even get the ball off the ground. And Ive had to see too many kids attempt to catch passes from there moms who cant throw and the kid cant catch any pass longer than 5 yards

Well try to name the last 3 Miss Grey Cup pageant winners- without searching for their names. Hey, they have had their time, now to get some new fans interested in football, its time to update the festivities into this century. I have no problem with hot babes in skimpy outfits–the cheerleaders are fine in that department- but the Miss Grey Cup and the Parade should take their rightful place in the history books of this league.

Naming the winners isn't really the point. They're not there to become household names, they're there to pique interest in a football game.

You shouldn't eliminate one form of entertainment at the expense of another. Young people who aren't necessarily interested in Miss Grey Cup should certainly have their own forms of entertainment, but young people aren't the only fans of the CFL. There is room for all sorts of entertainment. I say the more the better. EVERYTHING should be done to promote the Grey Cup, and that should include a beauty contest if the cheerleaders are interested in participating in such a thing. Anything that gains media coverage for The Game is a GOOD thing.

Best CFL Cheerleaders are as followed Numbers 1 through 4.

1.Al's Cheerleaders
2.Roughriders Cheerleaders
3.Argo Cheerleaders
4.Ticat's Cheerleaders

Glad to see you have studied them all close enough to actually come up with a ranking Duck :lol:

For me they are all gorgeous.

i know this smoking hot blondie girl with incredible everything on her body.
Anyways she used to be a CFL cheerleader and she said they get paid NOTHING!

All volunteer. What is this $500 a game business

The Vancouver 2005 Grey Cup parade was decent. I think its just another event to keep Football in the spot light. I'd say keep it if you can.

KEEP the Grey Cup Parade for sure.
It is something my group of 6 look forward to since 1996. It was sad when there wasn't an official Grey Cup Parade at the Ottawa most recent Grey Cup. It is something us older fans enjoy - drinking coffee/hot chocolate + in the cold. Gets the old blood flowing. See you in Toronto in November.