Great football year, worst refreeing ever - cfl do something

Great football this year, but the refree is the most amatuer I have ever seen in my 40 years of watching. Its pathetic, brutal, and unsafe for the players in the amount of missed calls, or bad calls. These guys play like they are getting minimum wage, is that the issue. I think the leaque needs to step in and do something. Basically I am not watching anymore. Ilove the game but if poor refreeing is going to go unchecked it just makes the game a joke, a farce, might as well call it stamepede wrestling football.
Good bye fellow fans, loved this site too.


Loved it so much he only made 2 posts. Ta! :lol:

well it has been pretty poor.

that so called "Roughing the passer" in OT?? YA RIGHT!.. let them decide the game, NOT YOU REF!

he should be hung.

I agree, I thought Chick should have got booted for intent to injure.

shut up....

he didn't try to hurt him, didn't even lead with his helmet! he landed on him! how the hell is that intent to injure?

What did he lead with????? His foot??

Apparently when Burris is involved this turns into flag football... maybe Chick should have let him get up and throw for a huge gain?

He was down and play had been whistled dead.

Very dangerous and worthy of review.

It was a terrible call, Burris had not been touched and the whistle had not been blown. He did not lead with his helmet either.

Nice try with the trolling. If the play was whistled dead, then Calgary should be complaining since he wasn't touched...

I wish Ro was still around I'd love a shot of the pyramid call.

Looked to me like he was on top of Rider line, Which i believe would make it a legal

Im not complaining, just curious.

exactly, take off your dumb glasses eskylo.

there was no whistle yet.. and he did NOT lead with his helmet. all the guys on tv even said so.

he landed on him, PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

He wasnt touched, he was nailed.

ya but he didn't lead with his head...

so it was not intent to injure by any means..

you're totally on your own with this one.. so give it up already.

Which was it, a dead play or a rough tackle then? Cause you've argued both this thread. Anyways, we should all stop responding cause you're obviously trolling.

I saw a dead play, with a rough tackle and im ending it there.

Good game, a tie was probably justified.

As an Als fan. I am just loving this :smiley:

Let's see :roll:

SUCKIT UP CUPCAKES :slight_smile:


That penalty didn't change the outcome :slight_smile:

Does not mean Riders would have won :slight_smile:

All balances out in the end :slight_smile:

AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

Yeah but unlike the Als, the Riders have now had two possible game changing incorrect referee decisions against us and the Als don't have to worry about one loss, whereas that call may have taken away a chance to host the Western Final for the Riders.

The RIders didn't give up they fought back and earned a point, if you think some of us are upset just imagine what it would be like if Calgary had won based upon that call.