Great Football book


My brother gave me a great football book over the holidays - THE WATERBOY - by Bobby Ackles the GM of the BC Lions. What a great autobiography that gives fascinating insights into the CFL, NFL and even the short lived XFL. Ackles worked as an executive in all 3 leagues and his insights and contacts from the inside are very insightful! Quite a story about a guy from the wrong side of the tracks who made good for himself. Actually, it was inspiring!!!
Have a look CFL fans - be assured you will enjoy! :cowboy:

I'm picking this book up tomorrow.

I'm just starting on it it for Christmas along with Dunnigans book. (Also good too!)

When I was a kid growing up the '60s in Edmonton and going to CFL games at old Clarke Stadium for fifty cents as a member of Woodwards' Knothole Gang, Bobby Ackles, was already well on his way to a long and storied Hall of Fame career as one of the great builders of the CFL. Like now, I didn't know much then about the men behind the players on the field. I simply cheered for my heroes. It never really crossed my mind at all that there were actually great stories and dramas behind the scenes that really affected every player I ever saw. Ackles both witnessed and lived those stories as member of the BC Lions.

From humble formative years in Ontario, then West to British Columbia, Ackles recounts, in amazing and sometimes suspicious detail, his rise from a volunteer Water Boy in the earliest days of the Lions to President and CEO today. For a simple fan like me, with little knowledge of football other than a few big names and the game on the field and television, it's an eye-opening account of the inner workings of a team and how it all comes together. But it's much more than a simple retelling of dry player transactions and personality disputes, Ackles, along with Ian Mulgrew, layout a chronological gridiron of the success and failures, the fumbles, the handoffs and the touchdowns that made both a career and a fascinating history that only football insiders could know or even imagine.

I learned a lot about the business and personalities of football from this book. While I feel that some parts were a bit rushed while others were flush with detail, overall I found this to be an engaging and educational read. How Ackles managed to remember all those details is never really explained, but it doesn't really matter if he embellished some of them — they all blend into an entire team of stories that will be fun to remember for years to come.

Thanks for a great book Bob!

I enjoyed The Waterboy as well. I didn't like Dunigan's book as much. :cowboy:

I liked both. Just finished reading the Ackles Book. I liked the epilogue as he sort of looks to the future a bit.