Great find on Youtube

Someone has posted the entire broadcast of the game that was both the greatest game in XFL history and the game that led to the league's demise after just one season. An early-season double OT game between Chicago and LA that had an amazing finish but made NBC furious because it caused Saturday Night Live to be delayed until around 12:30 a.m.

This is by far the best representation online of what the XFL was and might have become. And better yet there are tons of CFLers in this -- Copeland, Avery, Barker, Prefontaine and even a bizarre subplot involving Scott Milanovich's pregnant wife! You have to see Copeland -- his catches and his on-field intvu broadcast to the entire stadium -- to believe it.

To bad NBC Bailed on Mcman

Could Old Vince still have an interest in a CFL franchise ?

To my knowledge, McMahon was only interested in the acquisition of the entire league, not a CFL franchise.
and if approved, the league was to be reformed as the XFL with franchises relocated to American locales.

Rightly so, the CFL board rejected his takeover bid and Vince subsequently initiated the XFL from scratch.

It would have been an intriguing scenario if the Vince purchased the CFL with the sole intention of remaining in Canada..
The King of promotion would have certainly altered league image, although it is up for debate whether this would have been a positive or negative period in CFL history.

that was so hokey.

it's like Wrestling in Football uniforms... :roll: :thdn: