'Great feeling': Andrew Harris plays crucial role in season debut for Bombers

WINNIPEG — Andrew Harris made his long-awaited season debut for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in Week 4 after missing the first three game with a calf injury, and his impact was immediately felt.

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Yeah, the Bombers LOST that game. Crapped out against a back-up QB. At home. Defending champs. And the Stamps could have won it with another yard or two. Stamps - here we come. Bombers - there we go.

Champions find a way to win, pretenders make excuses why they lost🤷

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I considered this Week 4 match-up between the Calgary Stampeders versus the Winnipeg Blue Boombers too be the best game thus far in the 2021 season. Always remember the golden rule in team sports-There can only be one winner ! with the exception of a rare TIE !

P.S. My heart goes out to Rene Paredes who missed his 52 yard field goal on the final play.

AWE ! Harris wasn't all that great. Heck Carey beat Harris stats with an average 8.4 yards per carry to Harris's mere average 4.8 yards per carry. So what's all the excitement with an article about him? Guess he didn't juice up for this game! He is just an average RB now!

Another salty Harris hater

Just take the L and move along


I beg to differ. Bombers 18, Stamps 16.


Wouldn't this be Andrew's first preseason game, while it's Calgary 4th preseason.


Wrong !!! Believe it or not these games are not preseason. They are regular season games. And so what if this is Harris 1st season game. The Stamps nearly whole team is their 1st CFL season where as Harris is a long time CFL vet. Carey only had one game in 2019 before he got a season ending injury.
So facts bother you eh? And I suppose you still don't believe Harris had a steroid test that showed positive last season.

Now that I'm retired, it's great to know I can travel both East and West.

I have free accommodations in people's heads across this beautiful country.

I was stating verifiable facts ! Guess you can't be an adult and face facts eh ? Pretend , Pretend , Pretend ! The facts are wrong! :slight_smile: LMFAO !

LOL ! HA! HA! Well if you were to live in your own head you would have known these were regular Games not Preseason games ! HA! HA! Sorry I blew your fantasy world with the facts ! Enjoy your retirement!

Why thank you, I am enjoying my retirement

Where were al these Stamps fans before?? Too bad they all show up for a 1-3 start.

How can I take your comment seriously? You called the reigning Grey CUP MVP and most valuable Canadian, and 3 year in a row rushing champ, an average RB.

So much SALT

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technically, an average RB .... that cheats to be average.

Go Harris! An example to all Canadians how to succeed. (right, lol)


HA! HA! HA! Those titles are only because the season just started. His reign is over now & were awarded before he got caught with steroids in his system. Only he honestly knows how long those steroids were used. Now that those steroids have worn off along with the effects, his performance last night was on par for an Average RB. Only 4.8 yards average per carry is just average results! Lots of other RBs get that. As I stated his opponent RB, Carey almost double Harris results with 8.4 yards/carry on the same field, the same day.

The Stamps last night had little trouble stopping Harris. A year and a half and he is now a “Has Been”. All we have to do now is watch out he doesn’t juice again. If he starts to suddenly improve, the random testing rate needs to increase for him to ensure he is legit or not.

So unable to face reality and facts, eh ?

Its the same posters over and over that keep picking that low hanging fruit.
Say whatever you want, botton line is he's the best ever Canadian RB to play the game.
And honestly, calling him a hasbeen after a decent game - his first in almost 2 years? LMAO. Pretty foolish.

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Bottom line is that the Bombers won in large part because of Harris who played every snap, unlike Carey that watched multiple snaps from the sideline.

The reign continues until he's dethroned, which won't be anytime soon.


Howz that 21 year drought going for ya??