Great fans

Am a Ti-Cat fan living in Calgary. met a bunch of Rider fans when they were in town last year for a match against the Stamps. Was very impressed. After the usual "nice team" razzing about my Cats I was very surprised to get alot of respect from some of the guys. Upon inquiring why, I was told that if my team has won 15 Grey cups then that's what I deserve. "They're just going through a rough time right now (don't I know it) but they'll be back. Very Classy. thanks

That’s how we roll.

haha :rockin: :rockin:

Hmmm . . . they didn't throw 100 beer cans at you? . . . weird.

was probably the day before the game

Labour Day 2008 Video.

We for the most part (some idiots not withstanding) are a classy bunch and by and large are CFL fans first and foremost...Rider fans a close second!

The can throwing incedent was not an isolated one in professional sports. Some make it sound like it was the first and last time it's ever happenned. Well it isn't(ie: Cleveland municial stadium, The Metrodome in Minneapolis, Calgary at McMahon to name a few). And it just goes to show you, that among the classiest groups of people in the world, there are still jerks too.

And those witnesses who remain tight lipped about this particular incedent are the bottom of the barrel.

Most of them talk about the players throwing water bottles and beer cans at the fans in the stands, but that subject is banned from the forums due to lack of video evidence.

In Texas we throw Tortillas!

Is that pic a still of the "Crabtree catch"?