Great Fans

Ok, more evidence of some great fans.

Just had a Rider fan that drove all the way from BC to watch the game tonight drop by with some beer for me. Not only that, his business name in BC is named after the Riders!

Last week I was talking to a guy that named their new daughter Ryder after the team!

Anyone else have exmples of kids or business named after their fav CFL team?

........turkeybend called his daughter Donald Narcisse..........she cries a lot and has to see a psychologist but he is still pretty proud of her.......

haha. My brother and his wife had the song Rider pride playing as they came into the reception hall after their wedding. My old man told the riders and they gave them a autographed poster, with most of the riders sigs on there.

Don Cherry has a dog named Blue..... :wink:

People with no lives
Next on Oprah

I think Bruce Willis named his son after the Bombers......I believe it's Bummer or something like that... 8) .

Screw Oprah, ro. Pair this up with the bender/saskargo wedding and you got prime Jerry Springer material. :lol:

From my experiences...most RIDER fans are very nice and kind.....great story. :smiley:

Hillbillies what next will they do?

There is a kid in my town named Ryder.

My middle name is Roar.

I would just like to point out that not only do we have great fans...BUT when Wascally Wabbit broke for the end zone everyone in the bar was hollering

"at the 20... 15.. 10..5... Touchdown!!!! Sign him to a contract!!! LMAO!!!

So that's A great fan ... I'm sure you could find one of those for each CFL team. This doesn't mean that Rider fans are better than others ...

DId I Say we were better than others??? I said we are great fans...I was makiing fun of the Rabbit running on to the field lighten up potty mouth .... :evil: you could find someone in the Hull phonebook named Rene Gade......

In Calgary, Stan Peders. . .close enough. . .

Or maybe a "Ty Katz" in Hamilton?