great effort

Rather than dwelling on the negative, we should take comfort in the fact that Glenn had a good game.
If certain players had made catches, he would be Offensive Player of the week and we would have won the game. The play calling was much better, for the most part. I'm still baffled by why we went to #11 so often and not to Bruce for much of the 2nd half after what he did in the first.
I think we have to start Glenn the next game...he gives us the best chance to win. He's only 30, two years from being league MVP and should be our starter.

Glenn threw 2 INTs at critical times in the games. He doesn't throw the INT at the end of the first half, we get 3 points.

At the end of the game we didn't need 30 yards, we needed 10 to keeps the sticks moving and move closer for Nick Setta.

Glenn played well but he did cost us. James cost us another 4 points as well. The defense couldn't tackle.

Great effort?

I thought the Cats had way too many mistakes, and those mistakes cost us.

Edmonton didn't beat us, we beat ourselves.

I think we had a good effort. We played right until the end but you are 100% right. We made too many mistakes and couldn't move the ball in the 4th quarter. Edmonton was able to move the ball late in the game and they won.

The last 4 years, we aren't in games like this. We would get a lead, blow it and then forget how to play football.

I like being competitive but that's not enough for me. Good teams pull games out at the end.

We are still a rookie team. Rookies make mistakes. We made too many mistakes and lost the game.

what I had a big problem with was the lack of effort made tackling by our secondary.

Tisdale's lack of anything at the goal line on the rushing touchdown was pathetic.

The little things certainly added up. However, 3 sacks to none means that we won the battle on the line, and the offense responded with 427 yards total offense and NO team losses. Hmm, not bad… :wink:

On a happier note, the blue team’s offense is nowhere nearly as prolific as the Eskimo offense. If our linebacking corps does not sit as deep in zone coverage (as they did with the Esks) in order to stop Robertson on the dump pass, and if we get pressure from our dline, it will be much harder to beat our defense. BRING ON LABOUR DAY!! :thup:

If it were not for a handful of mistakes, I say we played quite well. Glenn was very impressive with the exception of the two untimely interceptions.
If we learned from our mistakes than it was worth it. If not, it was nothing but a tragic loss that could come back to haunt us in the end.

I totally agree!
Why are people dissing Glenn???
He threw for over 300 yards with 3 tds(that should have been 4 with James' drop). Possibly 5 when you account for Cobb's fumble near the red zone.

Has Porter come close to those numbers this year? I didn't think so.
Porter as a project shouldn't be at the expense of winning. We've suffered as fans for too long.
Glenn is only does his age compare to the rest of the (good) starting QBs in the league?
He beat out Joseph for MVP only 2 years ago.