great comeback Esks


Gutsy comeback Esks. When a team is down 20-1 at half and have a gut check and win you deserve accolades.
As I said earlier, teams have to win their home games and steal a couple on the road. Riders- we let this one slip away. Learn from this one please!!!!!!!! :thup:
Riders Will Return!!!!!!

I think you guys will steal a win back next week at Mosaic, since we grabbed the win at Commonwealth tonight.

I think those guys will steal a win back next week at Mosaic, since they grabbed the win in Edmonton tonight.

…Edmonton is making great strides toward a better season for sure…although you couldn’t tell it by the first half…it was like 2 different games in one…could have gone either way…i like this guy Braidwood…mic’d up…gets on the rest of the d when he says…’ guys, so what if its hot…s$ck it up…and a little humour when he tried to bring up ‘the commercial’ with regards to the refs. …funny guy…Tom Canada type …i like him…

So you are hiding over here turkeynuts! Nice of you to show up. You get that parade float finished yet. You know the one you started in 1990.

I was so pleased to see the Riders leading at the half and what happens, Riders choke. Wondering if there was any manure being dumped on Congi's lawn for missing a 14 yarder.