Great comeback but lessons for the Riders!

My Riders displayed again a tremendous comeback on Friday night in Montreal proving that they are the team with NO QUIT in spades again. However, a stiff lesson in leaving too many points on the table cost the Riders the game. Durant played amazing considering his physical sickness- how he found receivers late on plays time and time again was amazing. I fear the o-line better protect him better or he better release quicker or he may not last the entire season. Kudos to the Rider defence in the second half shutting down the wily veteran A.C. Have you ever seen him so frustrated????
Costs of the loss though may be considerable - possibly a chance at first place in the WEst. However, to steal a win in Montreal would have been an unbelievable thing. Keep up the Rider Pride boys and all will be well.

Rider Pride Nation Wide :cowboy: :rockin:

The Riders are a good team, but the "Great" moniker still alludes them. Mistakes at critical junctures were the difference. The D was stellar; once the other two entities get their games going on all cylinders, we will be deadly.

I think the "great" moniker will continue to elude the Riders until they figure out how to block on special teams.

It doesn't matter who we get returning, its tough to break out or find a seam when there are 5 opposing jerseys between you and your first wave of blockers.

Even Ken Miller has acknowledged this. Hopefully that is the first step to fixing it.

You've hit it on the head "hit-em-hard". Our ST coverage has given up 2 missed FG TD's to Maypray alone. OUCH!!