Great come from behind win for the Lions!

A defensive struggle in the first half but a sweet win for the Lions. The D came up big by holding the Stamps on 3rd and one on the Lions one yard and the Lions then dug themselves out of deep deep hole.

Calgary's PK Parades could have tied the game for Calgary with just a couple of minutes left but missed an easy FG.

Rainey for the Lions was great and ran back a 71 yard punt return. And what I did not know is that Nick Moore is back with the Lions.! How cool is that? This guy is a great receiver and ended up in Winnipeg. I was sad every time I saw the Bombers play and Moore wearing the gold and blue, especially when playing against the Lions. But.... the guy is back and is very happy!

5 years later and Wally Buono is back as Head Coach and his first game back is a win. He's got to be feeling good about that.

Calgary is a formidable team so beating them makes the win all that more significant.

I'm not sure what's going on with Leone. 3 of his punts were either blocked or tipped where he did not get a good punt off.
I don't know if he is not getting the protection to get the punt off or he's taking too long setting up. This happened a few times last year. This time it happened 3 consecutive punts in a row. That is ridiculous. Three and they were consecutive! Not good.

When the Lions took the lead with just minutes left and Calgary missed an easy FG making the score 20-18 the Lions were masterful in eating up the clock after taking the ball from their 35. They killed the time remaining. The Lions did this game what they struggle all year last season to do.... close out the game successfully by not allowing the opposition to get back into the game.

Man, what a sweet ending for a home opener! I wish I'd been there.

Great win and it's about time against Calgary.

Let's hope they can keep it up and the boys stay healthy. Great to see Wally back to.

I'm pissed there is no home games that align with my 2 week holiday plans in Van end of July early Aug. Took my 5 year old to his first game there last years again TO and of course they lost. but he loved it.

A future Lions season ticket holder for sure! :rockin:

Wasn't pretty, but they got it done.


Yep. Not pretty but entertaining in the last quarter.