GREAT CFL T.V. ratings

Some people here have asked some of us? Where do we get the CFL , T.V. ratings NUMBERS.

Well , today in the TORONTO SATURDAY STAR. Their T.V. guide [STAR WEEK] ........

......Has some numbers about the CFL's T.V. ratings. They also have a CFL sched. and a CFL article in another section.

AND the news is very good for the 2004 season.There will be 81 CFL games on T.V. this season.CBC , TSN and RDS.

2004 :

CBC'S AVERAGE was 438,000 per game.[second highest in the past decade]

TSN'S was 311,000 average per game.[their 3rd best ever]

Now these are higher than , any NFL game in the regular season, which averages 220,000 for BILLS games ........and about 100,000 for all other games.

The CFL T.V. ratings are also higher than the BLUE JAYS [330,000] ,who are third and the RAPTORS, who average 100,000 per game.

The 2004 GREY CUP had 4 million viewers , while the SUPERBOWL had 3.1 million.

So it seems that the CFL is second in CANADA to the NHL.........COOL :smiley:

TSN had 430,000 viewers at it's peak for........ T.D. ATLANTIC.And that is just for pre season.This year should be even better. :smiley:

Long live the CFL! La vie longue le CFL ! :smiley:

so true :wink:

Well with those 3.4 million dollar hockey players on strike, maybe the guys who play because they love it, CFL players, will get more attention.



that is great. i think it would be a good idea if tsn sold the right to the games they are not televising to sportsnet. that way all the games would be broadcasted.

You can't ignore TV ratings.

Somebody obviously likes the CFL and I wish more of the country would appreciate it.

And screw the NHL - it'll be a long damn time before I ever attend an Oilers or Flames game again, you greedy pricks!

I still watch a few games (most around playoff time) cuz I love hockey, but I enjoy the NHL when they start been senseble, starting with putting my favoite team (the Winnipeg Jets) back where they belong.

I agree , put WINNIPEG back .............and give a team to , SASK, HALIFAX , and QUEBEC CITY...............and WE will have the... CHL... and the.................. CFL.........................1 through summer and the other through WINTER.

CANADA'S culture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smiley: PARADISE! 8)

Winnipeg and QC, the other citys are just crazy picks!

Sorry, Hamliton, but there is just no way the NHL is coming to town unless it's a game beteen Toronto and Buffalo, I feel bad for you! :cry:

But you guys have got a great team in the AHL and I hope you get a team in the OHL again soon! :smiley:

Saskatchewan? get out of here! they love the WHL than anything else! :wink:

wish CFL had more games... dont want to add games to the scheduel but i wish i could watch one or two more games a week... I love the setup though, having a game a day instead of packin them all in one day... stupid NFL... CFL ROCKS

Too right!, I never thought of it that way! :wink:

Actually .........ABC's MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL , is moving to ESPN...........

I never understood why some people need to have all the games on 2 certain can always get a teams shed. or a buy a T.V. guide. :wink:

I thought they were moving to NBC???

could be?............but the rumours were about ESPN at first , so maybe NBC bought it.

TSN didn't want that to screw up........the WWE , which they show on Monday night and they all ready have, SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. :smiley:

I think NBC and ESPN are going to have Sunday night football and Monday night football or vice versa. But I'm not sure

NBC has Sunday night (used to be on ESPN).
ESPN has Monday night (used to be on ABC).

Not that I care all that much, but just for clarification.

Go 'Gades in '05!

thanks................what about TSN?........ESPN......owns 30% of it.

So now NBC "owns" TV rights to the NFL and AFL.

if they get the rights to show some CFL games, then they have the triple crowe!!! :smiley:

Maybe NBC , can turn M.N.F. ratings around. :smiley: