Great CFL information web sites

Hello all,

I found these sites a couple of weeks ago, these guys have put together great CFL sites, full of information on past and present players. On CFLapedia he has near complete rosters of every CFL team from the past, including player numbers and years played with each team. The CFL-scrapbook is more of a fan site but has great features on past players. Both these sites are worth a visit. These guys have obviously been spending a lot of time in the interest of the CFL.

Have a look it's worth the time.

Cool stuff, thanks image!

Cool links! Thanks!

You forgot to mention your own site, with it's wonderful pictures from years gone by. (And now you can't be accused of self promotion for this. :slight_smile: )

I've used a number of times. Great resource. I haven't tried CFL Scrapbook yet, but certainly will when I get a chance. Thanks.

Thanks for mentioning my site, the address has changed though, it is now

I have to say that CFLapedia has been a great resource for me, I have been able to start putting player ID's on photos where I couldn't find any full rosters.

And the game available for download from the site is pretty entertaining. Can't wait for the 2010 teams to be put up so I can re-play Sunday's game. :cry: