Great CFL Games On ESPN Classic

Most people look fwd to the weekends. I look fwd to Tuesday nights.

For those of you who do not know, or do not have this channel, I would suggest it.
Every Tuesday night on ESPN Classic they show 2 games back to back.

ESPN Classic is only $3 / month and I love watching those old games from the 70's 80's and onward.
Regular season, playoffs and Grey Cups.
Get to relive my youth.

I think my 2 favorites are the 66 GC as it was the first Grey Cup broadcast in color, and the 76 GC with that great catch by Tony Gabriel. I love it when the good guys win.

Not only the great games and the legends of past eras , but the different broadcast styles of CBC CTV CFN and early TSN.
Gives me my fix during the off season when I am missing CFL .

For those fans who are to young and only hear about the greats this gives them a chance to see the likes of Warren Moon, Ron Lancaster and Tony Gabriel.
For long time fans such as myself, it keeps those memories fresh.

Still my most vivid GC memory!
(Followed closely by Saskatchewan's 13th man penalty against Montreal a few years ago, btw.)

But what do you mean "when the good guys win"?
I didn't think Ron Lancaster and the Roughriders were the "bad guys".

I do not mean the green machine ( as they were called back then ) were the bad guys. Just the the OttawaRR for me as a kid were the good guys.
They were the underdogs and when you see one of the top stars of that era catch the winning TD from second year qb Tom Clements it just makes it more thrilling.
Had Lancaster fired off a bomb on the last play to win I would also say “I love it when the good guys win.”

Again , nothing against Sask, but in 72 , with rookie Chuck Ealey as a rookie QB and Ian Sunter kicking the FG to win on home turf. The good guys won.

Love the classics, but they seem to show the same games over and over again. It really is a shame that the tapes from many of the games in the 70's and early 80's aren't available, as they were often re-used to record over back then. That '76 GC game has been on at least 100 times since the channel started.

That is a drawback. They never show the 71 game. I can watch that fumble over and over.
However , I never get tired of watching 76, 89 or 98. ( Mark kicks for the win in the stadium his late father took him to see games. Great story.)

Good thing is with ESPN Classic Canada , Bomber fans can watch their team win a cup. HaHaHaHa.

I'm not really talking about Grey Cups though. I think ESPN classic has played a good number of them. I'd just like to see some more regular season games from the 70's to see greats like Johnny Rogers, Willie Burden, Larry Key and many others from that era, that I remember vaguely as I was just a kid then. I used to love watching televised games from Winnipeg, Ottawa and Edmonton on those old natural grass surfaces too. And was it just me, or was the TV lighting for games at old Empire stadium always terrible?

It seems that most of the regular season games they show are from the 80's on CFN. The older regular season games are not recorded. Those old GC's are on record from the HOF

X2, AV. I always worried that a receiver would get mugged in the dark corners of those endzones at old Empire Stadium.

I remember watching BC night games on tv from the 70's and yes. The lighting was terrible compared to the other stadiums night games.

Still think that 94' Grey Cup was the best I wasn't a fan of US Expansion or the idea of USA vs Canada, but as a football game it was spectacular. Hard to believe just 5 years later BC Place was as bad as SkyDump for attendance.

The writting was on the wall then.. The game had 5000 empty seats!!!

On youtube the is a 2:30 clip of how bad the lighting was at Empire Stadium for night games.

1978 CFL Ottawa Rough Riders at BC-Lions