Great CFL game

wow- what a great game and finish. Congrats Esks- Ricky Ray certainly proved his worth. we outplayed you but you hung around. Great excitement throughout.
Riders will Return!!!!!! :rockin:

Riders and Bombers still have the playoffs in the bag though, good to see EE still fighting, cuz god knows it would be boring if they (or any team in their posistion) gave up now.

I'll be rootin'for the Riders until EE is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. After that...:slight_smile:

Eskis could cross over and beat out Winnipeg! Milt is gone and those other receivers seem to have a bad case of the dropsies!

...well sporty ...they better be able to run the table....even with Milt out i don't think we're going to lose all of our remaining games...and we have won the series with Edm...soooo at best they have a whisper of a chance... our next opponent..Hamilton, is now mathematically eliminated and only playing for jobs...when you're playing for a play-off spot like we are...i think the incentive card goes to us...but you never know this is the CFL...Milt out is gonna hurt....but i sure like the look of this Armstrong guy... :wink:

Armstrong looks like a keeper.

I have the wooden stake and garlic out, hoping they will ward off the "Evil Empire". If I read the paper right, Winnipeg has 3 games left, Saskatchewan 4 and Edmonton 4. With Milt out, I'd be concerned with the Eskis sneaking up.

Past history has shown Edmonton breaking our hearts.....

If there's a collapse by either Winnipeg or Sask with either team losing their remaining games then the Esks have a chance. Winnipeg woul dhave to go 8-10, Esks 9-9, or Winnipeg 7-11, Esks 8-10. And Edmonton only has to tie Sask's record now.

I think it's going to go down the the wire with these 3 teams. For these 3 teams the playoffs will be starting weeks in advance, makes for some good excitement in "win or go home" atmosphere down the stetch.

...the Esks. didn't look all that convincing to me ,sport in their win against Sask....but you never know about them...Ray can carry a team along way...BUT...They sure paid a heavy price for that win...a lot of their secondary was nicked...and it looked like Malcolm Frank had a separated shoulder....something their next opponent (Argos) will be looking at with interest......Still a lot of football left... :roll: :wink:We'll see....

Edmonton still very nearly lost on the final play. Though I was cheering for the Esks (I picked them in the VGCC, and I don't like Danny Barrett) watching that ending I was hoping they'd be able to punch it in. That would have been a finish to remember for a long time!

Yeah, Ray played great. I wonder where that thread about questioniong which QB is better.. Ray or Maas, went. Hmm..