Some great reading in todays Post - a great story about Bob Young and the CFL surviving in Toronto.
Also the Post's editorial today is written by Bob Ackles and is about protecting the CFL

You have to wonder if maybe the TiCats success, both on and off the field and in the stadium aspect, are the key to what happens to the CFL in southern Ontario. I'm starting to think that way to be honest.

yeah, it sure would help if we could field a half decent team.

I feel bad for the Argos organization when the Ticats come to town. This is their biggest rivalry and they should be easily able to pull 35k or 40k for that game. But, it's been about 5 years since any game between the two clubs had any meaning whatsoever.

Our games against them get people talking. They shouldn't be their poorest draw of the year.

Has the Spec ever written such a good article about Bob as this one appears to be?

I feel sorry for the Argos too (rolling eyes),seems the whole CFL does sometimes.
Maybe that is what is the matter with the CFL?

I think this is the year the team turns it around and has a playoff season for Bob, the fans, and the organization

This links through to the National post article.

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The article by Mark Cohon is a very good read also... Kind of sums up why so many Canadians love the CFL. The only thing that really pissed me off were the comments posted by the people at the bottom. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course, but these responses are truly ridiculous. :roll:

No Kidding!

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