Great but funny names of Former Tigercats

#27 Martin Sartin was a Running back who play 1 year for Hamilton in 1988

I would if anyone else could think of Real names of X's Ticats that where Great but Funny names..

I always thought that Lance Shields had the perfect name for a DB.

what about trod buggs-1997


I remember the TV guys beating lame "Martin Sartin" rhymes into the ground on one particular occasion that he had a good game. I'm thinking John Wells was the worst culprit, but I could be imagining...

Not "ha ha" funny, but I thought "Tony Truelove" was an unusual name.

I recall someone making a crack about "the flying Zatylny bros." sounding like a good name for a circus act back when Wally and his brother Steve were both in the league.

How about ther QB matchup of Veal vs. Ham?

Can anyone remember Veal's first name? I think he was number 9.

Sir James Delgardo - 2007

Only the "Sir" part is funny but I like it :slight_smile:

Byron Hemmingway .... Doesnt sound like a LB does it ??

Jason Maas :lol: :lol: :rockin: :lol: :lol: :oops:

I always liked the name Sandy Beveridge.

Doesn't sound too tasty.

Haywood Cloud

It was probably difficult to find a helmet for Jack Bighead.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7) :slight_smile:

Keep them coming guys .. :stuck_out_tongue:

YES! nobody used it! Calvin TIGGELnot sure how its spelt.
I always laughed when i the announcer would say Tiggel on the tackel...which was said about 15 times a game

8) It was Ron Veal.
8) A few names that stand out to me were, DeWayne Jett (WR), Manny Hazard, Poncho James, and of course for the real oldtimers, Ray (Bibbles Bobbles) Bawel.
 Classic names for football players  !!!      <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

Smokey Stover.

I submit "Garney Henley". It's not that funny, but how many Garneys do you know?

All-time best - 2 NFLers - Fair Hooker and Chip Glass.

Maybe this deserves 2 threads, 1 for great/funny real names like Veal, and 1 for great/funny nicknames like "Bibbles Bawels". We don't hear of many nicknames these days, seem to be locker-room names vs. the good old media-made nicknames.

I would have no memory at all of Hazen Henderson if his name wasn't Hazen.

How about Vic Zip and John Bonk?

A slash and dash running back.....Carver Shannon!