Great article on the Ticat season and near future!

A very good read:

Agreed. Very nice article.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I'm disappointed with the loss yesterday, but not let down. The Cats had a good season after a string of bad ones... and that in itself is Hamilton's big victory this year. I am proud of the players and coaches.. a cast of likeables who I would not trade for any other team in the league.

It's funny how you see fans from other teams trying to tease or taunt us about the loss... and it seems we just shrug our shoulders and say 'oh well, it was a good year'. Those other CFL fans just don't get it, do they?

Good article.
I had a similar reaction to both games. The rookie HC's were just out-coached in their first play-off appearances. They say you learn more from losing and I think Bellefiulle and Hall are going to be better coaches in the future.
The Eskies and the Ti-cats were both younger teams who fought hard and had great efforts from their vets, both battled to a .500 record this year and I'm extremely proud of both teams and their coaches. Thanks for a great season and I'm looking forward to next year.
For now 'though...Go Lions Go!

I agree a good article, and a positive out look for next year,turning a tough loss into a building block for the future, a good way to look at the season.

There isn't 1 team in the CFL with the depth we have a many crucial positions. Look at RB's, WR's and QB's. Throw in a fairly binding D-Fence and we're good for the next 3-4 years pending no one grows an Ego or demands more than they're worth.........but time will tell, as it always does.