Great article on Cats new receiver and Olympian - Akeem Haynes


Akeem Haynes is an olympic athlete who is becoming a football player.
Thorpe already was one before.

Haynes's Hands may be a concern.

Hands a concern? Why? He has not dropped a baton during relay races!!!!! Just kidding, yes his ability to catch is questionable as is his ability to run routes/ adjust to defenses etc. All the stuff that good receivers need to have are somewhat questionable. Hoping for a success story here.

Tommie Smith (of the 1968 black power salute along with John Carlos who got the bronze) played in High School but not college. The Bengals appreciated his skills for 2 whole games and 1 reception for 41 yards in 1969. Carlos played in 9 games for theALs with only 5 receptions.

However, Bob Hayes & Willie Gault both played in college but these 2 NFL hall of fame speedsters would be near the top of the Olympian/Footballer parade.