Great article on AC in The National Post

The man is more respected in Toronto than he is in Montreal....

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This is in the Gazette today.

You are still “clueless? Popps.
Anthony is so much more than just our “bionic arm?.
He has studied all levels of every team in the CFL, for decades (?).
Mr. Calvillo has mentored thousands of players over that period,
players on other teams now!
His committed participation on al levels,
has guaranteed success for all, on the Als.
#13 is still the best QB in the league!
Anthony has possibly more wisdom and knowledge than
anyone else in Canadian football!

Coach/manager/VP Popps, I agree that the field may not be the best place for him,
at this time.
Then you MUST place him on the offensive coaching team.
You need him for attendance and for guidance. You all will fail without him!

A few wildly inaccurate statements in there, Mrs. Calvillo.

That's "Making an entrance" :lol:
We hadn't had a "Shirley" since SAM departed.

It's weird because I don't see anyone disrespecting Calvillo at all. We haven't had any AC hate since SAM was mercifully banned.

Snow White looks like a fan of "The Hobbit". She's making AC out to be Gandalf the Grey :lol:

"Though Shall not Retire" :smiley: