Great article about Tom Higgins

Class act all the way. Excellent read for those of us that like Tom:

Tom Higgins, happiest man in the CFL, merrily awaits one more shot at full-time coaching job
Higgins, who is back on a CFL field as a guest coach with the Eskimos, would like everyone to know he's open to pretty much any role

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I for one have been a big fan of Tom Higgins. He certainly had a number of arrows shot at him on the various CFL forums. You can’t shoot the man’s dignity. I thought he was a very good coach in the league and a great head of officiating. He is a big fan of this league.

First Class comment.

Well said. Good Man

Surprised he's not at least a coordinator somewhere .

A very good man and when he had the reins of officiating that's a no-win position no matter which way you approach it. He can't make the calls for the refs. Plus they're part time dudes not pros full time

Yeah he should be in the league somewhere.
He was royally screwed by Montreal. Popp was never in favor of him being hired.

Imagine Montreal going into Vancouver where they were like 2-100 winning the game and then being fired by phone.

He was 2 games below .500 then...12-14. Boy would they take that now hey?

He was crucified there by the entitled culture where you could not bench a fading star in John Bowman who had ownership and Popp's ear. But players loved him. He's had success wherever he's been but is criticized for being bland.

A crime.