Great Article about Sean Thomas Erlington


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Its a great article; seeing STE's progression. Its also a trubute to Condell for waking up and having a balanced attack rather than being a pass happy offense as we simply don 't have the QB for a typical Condell offense.

The question that pops up is what will it take for STE to become an every down RB? Now that would be a ratio buster as Bombers had enjoyed with Andrew Harris and previously Calgary enjoyed with Jon Cornish.....both Championship calibre teams for multiple years.

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I’d say the improved offensive line had a lot to do with being able to go with a more traditional run game using the halfback. Condell hasn’t historically run the ball a ton, but to be fair we were getting stuffed for most of the last couple years. The misdirection and fly sweeps to receivers was another way to work in some running game when handoffs to the backs went nowhere.


The same can be said about our QB play in general, more time in a clean pocket, good protection on roll-outs, MUCH fewer turnovers, receivers being able to gain separation, fewer sacks, fewer hits/hurries, etc...

It's a cliche, but the game IS won and lost in the trenches. Look at what happened to Calvillo under John Jenkins and a dangerous (to Anthony, not any other team) O-Line...


Erlington has looked pretty impressive of late. I think his main issue has been injuries in the past. I’m still not sold on him as a real power guy who can get you a tough two yards when the defence knows the run is coming and stacks things up. To me Hills is that guy and so were Gable, Avon Cobourne, Troy Davis, Ron Williams. I think he works great as a change of pace guy with Hills. It’s a long season so why limit yourself to one main back? Gives defences something else to think about. Calgary and Montreal also do a great job in mixing up their backs, different running styles and body types.


Second TiCat RB, behind Hills, in yards rushing, by just 13 yds. this season, with a better average gain (7.0 to 5.6).
Second TiCat RB, behind Jackson, in yards receiving, by just 11 yds, this season, with a better average gain (8.6 to 7.1).

Has any, ever, TiCat final round draft pick turned out to be a better one for the team?
I really appreciate STE's versatility, production, personality, and his loyalty to the team that picked him, five seasons ago.


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