Great Argos after-party at Jack Astor's

Heya lords and ladies,

After I watched my team take quite the spanking (and secretly being happy for Hamilton) I made my way to the official after party at Jack Astors.

It was incredible, I had a great time. Met Damon Allen, Kerry Joseph, Chuck Winters, Brad Watters, Kenny Wheaton, Arland Bruce, and Byron Parker. Saw O’Shea, Vanderjagt, Riall Johnson, Johnathan Brown, whole bunch of others. They stayed late and were mingling with a lot of fans.

Know of any other Toronto sports organization where you can meet half the stars of the team without mortgaging your house for a VIP pass? Me neither.

Anyways, I highly recommend going to the after-party if you get a chance.

The Tiger-Cats used to do it on Hamilton mountain at Philthy McNasty's when Mike Morreale played for the team because he was a part owner of the bar/restaurant.

Yeah, it's nice to have accessible sports teams. No velvet rope or thick glass window separating you from the "VIP" section.

Oh and about last night ... Oskee Wee Wee!

Sorry, I couldn't resist! I was at the game too!

  • paul

Part of what makes the CFL so great. Which Jack Astors, where is it?

The one at Front & University, near Union Station.