Great AB3 vid

Watched this video and it got me even more excited for this season to start

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The guy is amazing. Hard to believe we got him, Glenn and a few others for next to nothing.


Nice vid.

Can't wait for the season to start!

Nice video, love the way it was put together.

Great Video,

I thought when he went to the Cats that he'd be a sideshow---I was wrong--turns out to be a leader who always wants the ball,
Good the cats have him

lol....well Id like to know how it got on youtube because I put that video together. I won't say who's facebook profile it was on but someone must of used screen capture software to record it. I don't really have a problem with it being on there, but Id like to know who it is and Id like to talk to them. I also have one of Maurice Mann....the Mann one was the original and was hi-lite reel for him and a tribute to his friend. Thanks for the compliments!

wow, plagerism?Hope you figure it out dude.

well you can see who uploaded the video right on youtube...
and it was a good video but you might wanna cut the music when there talking.

thanks guys, I messaged the person on youtube so we will see if I get a reply. Its not a HUGE deal, as long as they aren't using it to make a profit or least the talents of Mr. Bruce are on display!

Why you were you hiding these from us!?! Put em' out there for us to see man. That kind of stuff helps pass the off-season. But again, great job. :thup:

lol...Im working on a couple...Im not a big youtube guy by the time Im done uploading to facebook Im tired of "uploading", I might upload a couple more in the near future, here is the Mann video I was talking about R.I.P. Reggie Doucet

PS: Onknight, you might not know it but you can vouchee for me, i will send you a pm explaining details

(hence why I only have the Mann video uploaded right now, and I only uploaded that because someone who wasnt on facebook wanted to see it....I did have a couple more videos including a tribute to the late Mr. Lancaster but I forgot my login/password.)

edit....I just realized that I can just look up the video to get my old user name, and then I could probably figure out the password, which I did lol now I just need to figure out how to get the 2 videos I have over to my new youtube account because I lost the actual files

Good remedy to the off-season blues. I wasn't happy when we acquired him and very glad to have been so wrong.

should have put a clip of him dropping the ball in the endzone in the playoff game this year...thats a real highlight because all those catches really dont matter since we lost in the 1st round of the playoffs...

I for one am putting the negatives behind and am hoping for great things This Year

I think you still win or lose as a team--hard to hang it all on Bruce

I wonder if 'bigmac' got sand kicked in his face by a high school football star?

So Jamal Johnson's 100 tackles didn't matter last year?
Markeith Knowlton's MODP award doesn't matter?
Marwan Hage being chosen as the best lineman in the Eastern Division doesn't matter?
Dave Stala, Arland Bruce and Marquay McDaniel each having 1,000 yd seasons doesn't matter?
Marcus Thigpen getting recognized as the best rookie in the Eastern Division doesn't matter?
Kevin Glenn throwing for over 5,000 yards and 30 TD's doesnt matter?
Shakespeare making plays doesn't matter?

It DOES matter. You know why?

Because it means there are pieces in place for the team to continue to improve and possibly do something special.

BIGmac is right, it doesnt matter. What matters is greatest and stepping up, it matters like “the catch? by Tony Champion in 1989 mattered and never will be forgotten even in a losing cause. It matters like Ozzies 54 yard field goal on the last play or the gutsy call to pass to Joe Hagens on third down. Nothing is proven by stats, fact is “stats are for losers? winning is the only thing, all the stats in the world will not win a Grey Cup and in fact as happened last year those stats wont get you past a team with less stats.
My thoughts are with BIGmac on this because had AB3 made that catch we would not be talking about this at all.
It is a team game there is no doubt, but it’s a team game that can be won on the efforts and abilities of any single player on any single play. A great run a great kick an amazing catch are the things we remember as fans.
Hopefully this season we will see more of those special efforts when it makes the difference between wining and losing. If not we will be 9-9 with an early playoff exit again.
We are not great yet, but there is hope if players like AB3 and others make the play when we need it most. Until then all we have is great stats.

Why do those plays matter since they too did not result in a championship? You can pick and choose which plays matter to you, but that doesn't mean ones you consider irrelevant don't matter to others.