Gray Lawless reports...

Gary Lawless has released an article on TSN that Taman is not willing to fire Chamblin stating his coaching record shows that he can turn this around. He goes on to say that by doing so that he could be putting his neck on the line if the board decides that Chamblin must go. He is hinting that ODay could be in line for Taman's job if this happens. He also mentioned bring in a defensive coordinator to take or at least assist Cory. The name he is floating around is Benevides.

Not crazy about that thought to be honest. BC's defense when Benevides was HC had steadily gone down hill.

I saw that as well. Bene is a solid DC...I think it would be a fair move if he is interested. CC does not need to be fired as it stands...IF he can pull a 9 or better win season off. If he is sitting at 2 or 3 wins or less a dozen games in...BT likely changes his mind. I am glad BT is not caving to pressures...they have an idea to go about it all...they are on the same page and both sides bought in...sink or swim with is the honorable path really. Even if CC gets 6 wins but doesn't do some big adapting he is toast...they both are. If he tries a few things like a DC and gets to is a decision.

Oday would no doubt be at minimum the interim gm

4 games us not enough to axe him...even with last year's skid.

I though we had a DC with Quick?? why bring in another one??

They mean a real one, not someone to be an assistant. And I know someone was at talked to about joining up.

Quick I think is there more as a place holder. I mean look at how bad the Bombers defense was especially against the run. Chamblin has says he is running the show so not sure why Quick is even here except collecting a pay check.

I hope this "someone" else you mentioned is a better choice then Benivides. And if you say Kavis then both Taman and Cory deserve to be gone.

Kavis already works for ... saw him on the sideline with someone else this week, Winnnipeg? Edmonton? Ottawa? Can't remember.

I have nothing against Quick basically because I know next to nothing about him. CC did admit last week that Quick is calling SOME plays and is gradually allowed to call more as the weeks go on. The defense IS improving week to week even with the constant personnel changes.

Benevides on the other hand is a proven excellent DC, but whether or not they actually need to make a change I can't say at this point.

For instance, does Benevides have a magic wand to make Connop better? Doubtful. In that sense he is no better than CC or Quick or anyone else.

Also, just like it is NOT the OC's choice whether or not to kick or gamble on 3rd down, that is HC (the OC merely chooses the 3rd down play from his chart after the HC gives him the nod), going into prevent mode with over a minute left is usually NOT the DC's choice either. The HC will (or at least should) inform the DC when to go to prevent and the DC will simply pick the next play from the prevent list on his chart. In that sense as well, Benevides would not be able to do much to improve the last minute collapses no matter how good of a DC he is.

Now, could someone like Benevides figure out how to say ... get an effective blitz from all these rookies and walking wounded? Now THAT could be a good move, but that's also a big if.

Bene has the experience and resume to put his foot down on a lot if things. Chamblin can dictate 2 national d but Bene would decide where. The lions d was their backbone when he was there. There are people I would rather see, but he is ok. None of the names I've seen seen here are that of which I refer, but I an not saying they haven't talked to someone...could comment on how serious it is

Montreal. He's our special teams coordinator.

Well then there will be consequences... Sorry couldn't resist. My biggest issue with Benevedies is more of a stigma or perhaps a stagnate issue. While Bc's defense was good for a time it got pretty soft the last two years he was the HC. I would like to see some one with either a good record or even a clean slate. I know easier said then done to bring in someone that was successful from anywhere for the obvious reason, if they were winning then why were they let go. The issue with a clean slate guy is they are an unknown and you take the risk of them being either are good or bad.

It is too bad there isn't more of a depth pool for coaches as it seems like guys are just recycled from one team to the next. The only thing I know about Quick is the Bombers backfield the last two years was very soft. Not saying that is on him but again its the stigma that gets attached to a person since they were a part of it.

Uh, Quick was never employed by the Bombers. He was Montreal's linebacker coach last year, his first in the CFL. And he did good work with the unit -- we had the east division's nominee for best defensive player (Bear Woods).

My bad. Last year wasn't his first in the CFL. He was the Argonauts' LB coach in 2010-2011.

Then bring in Bene as a DC and put Quick as LB coach ,,, makes sense to me.....

Bad form to hire a guy as DC then demote him a month into the season, especially when the head coach is the acting DC at the moment and Quick has likely not gotten a chance to show what he can do.

The last time Benevides was defensive coordinator, BC won a grey cup. During the years when Benevides was head coach, BC defense was still among the best in the CFL.

Man I could have sworn one of the commentators said in one of the games he was the LB coach in Winnipeg. My bad then.

No worries. Not like we're paid employees of the league who should be able to do some basic fact-checking, are we? :wink:

Yes, he became HC and the D went down a bit…ie, they missed him in that role. He is not a great HC, but he is a solid DC. A big part of the issues on D is that the Lions lost some key guys and Wally didn’t seem to put the same leg work in as GM once he wasn’t coaching any more.

But Gary Lawless doesn't actually say that Chamblin is being fired. Is there a link?

I know that JACK FM Regina (yeah, super reliable news source, I know!) is reporting that Chamblin will be replaced by Paul LaPolice by September. But JACK doesn't post a link, a source or anything other than this is what they heard on TSN.

What's the deal. I feel that firing Chamblin would be a childish, hairtrigger move that makes ZERO sense and would set this team back even further.

Firing a head coach in the middle of the season rarely produces results in football. The new guy would still be miles behind every other team in terms of installing his system, extending and modifying play packages, etc. Firing Chamblin, if it happens, would be an optics move to show the fans that the organization is aware of the need for change. However, if I were Taman and the Board, I would stick with Chamblin until the end of the season, regardless of the result. If you're going to fire him, wait until the offseason so you can interview the deepest pool of candidates and give his eventual replacement the time to put together his staff and install offensive and defensive playbooks.

It all comes down to wins. Get wins he is fine. If this team is les than 3 wins by ld. ...yeah....he is likely toast. He chose to reinvent the coaching was a win on o but total bust on d. In the words of is potentially his cross. Had the team not lost games by blowing it late he is likely fine and it is written off to iinjuries. The problem is the d....CC is the DC