Gray inks multi year deal

…….Just heard we signed our second round pic from last year and all I can say is ‘whoopee’…He signed a multi year deal BUT will be eligible to pursue the nfl at the end of 2019…Talk about an embarrassment of riches on the O line…IF we have a guy go down ORRR we can’t re-up one of our present players we have a built in replacement ….Gray is one tough hombre, smart and talented to boot…I could see him at guard or virtually anywhere else on the O Line …Great day for Bluengold as another hometown guy returns…….Fantastic

I'm concerned about the multi-year deal part though. I suspect that ol' Herb has lost a step....


Real good day. Gray failed to cut it as an NFL reserve - 240 to 270 guys better than him (based on 30 teams x 8 to 9 guys per team on OL)

His failure is not attributed to his average NFL size and above average NFL strength (combine reports) but more to lack of exceptional footwork an NFL OT or OG must possess in order to excel at his position (or at least hold his own)

If the bombers can hire ex O-line coach Bob “Walrus” Wylie in the off-season, on a contract basis to work with Gray (and others) to repair the obvious deficiency he’ll be a keeper, maybe not for long - as he’ll be ready for the NFL in 1, maybe 2 years with repairs to his footwork. P.S. His mediocre to average footwork not entirely Gray’s fault. As an ex-Manitoba Bison alumnus footwork isn’t exactly taught at any level of quality by Brian Dobie or his staff. Just a “Lucky Louie” team that gets into the odd Vanier Cup when they can recruit enough racers and burners to out-score opposing teams! Dobie is not a great technical coach - never was. Now, fears abound Dobie is no longer a decent coach period . . . !!!

Walters doing his job ! Now Geoff has got that bad NFL taste outta his mouth, he’s coming home. This team is looking better all the time… I think we still need another receiving threat. Bakari would be nice if Dressler gets hurt.

…… Grant signed with the stumps …scratch that one Dan

Signing Big Geoff removes most of the stink of selecting mostly hobos with our 3 picks in the Top 15.

Ekakitie totally washed out at #1

Q is still a viable guy at #15 although he suffered a hit with the drug testing earlier this season.

But Big Geoff is someone who any CFL team would have drafted if it was clear he wouldn’t be going NFL.

Easy add to the roster - either re-negotiate the high-paid Paddy Neufeld down or trade Neufeld or cut him. I spoke of Gray’s weakness of less than stellar footwork. Neufeld is starting to age out - although this has been his best season in years - he’s held up in battle and while he’s a big strong ruffian - his lateral speed is low, his forward speed almost non-existent.

Give Gray a training camp and a couple games and he could probably fill the void left by Neufeld’s departure, whether it be via trade or other!

Thanks Papa. I totally missed that.

Now I’m even more perturbed we didn’t get on the Matthews signing.