grass roots initiative a la mickey green

does anyone out there also think its time to take the bull by the horns, find a front man of our own to head
this project and take on this thing ourselves? i appreciated mickey doing that the last time-giving his time and effort and organizational skills to get that thing rolling. even though it didn't work, he created the spark and got noticed.i know there are enough ball fans out there that would jump on board with this.
calling all business course graduates with just a touch of piss and vinegar,you'll need it.anyone up for it? where's jack jordan?phil kershaw?

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I would participate, but I don't have the knowledge or ability to spearhead it. I wouldn't know where to start and what to do.

I think too that it's harder now because you have to overcome the fact that the previous attempt didn't work.

I also believe, based on the difficulty in being acknowledged by the CFL as it is, that they've got their minds made up as to how they'll proceed no matter what fans choose to say or do.

You don't have to be all THAT creative, just copy the Jets Owner guy,


-compile news articles
-assemble statements made by prominant figures, CFL execs, players, politicians, etc
-discuss viability, how much it would cost, stadium issues, etc
-make little youtube videos of people on the street saying how badly they want football back
-most important, have a ticker on the page so potential owners can see how many potential fans care about getting a team back.

And thats just the stuff you can do for free. If you can get local businesses to donate (Steelback, anyone?), it opens up a whole new set of possibilities.

support the team if it comes back?

CFL isn't looking for a team with average attendance under 25K... had to be said. lol.

League average will be past 30K next year, any expansion teams will be looked at to have 25K fans in the stands paying close to league average.

Can Ottawa do it?

Maybe its time to get the owner of Steelback beer back onside and encourage him to come to Ottawa. So what if he wants to promote his beer at Frank Clair Stadium.

Last year he was willing to make a bid for a team and the CFL didn’t want any part of this guy. They thought he was too much of a showman - the CFL wants low key owners like the Ticats Bob Young and BCs David Braley.
I don’t care who owns the team as long as they put a team in here and pay the bills.

Let’s get the 67s owner Jeff Hunt teamed up with him. With Jeff Hunt involved we have a proven winner in this city. If he can turn around the 67s and consistently have the highest attendance in Junior hockey and winning teams year in year out he can make Ottawa a winner in football.

Montreal can't get close to 21,000 in their stadium. Saskatchewan is nowhere near 30K, they averaged around 23,000 last year. Hamilton average is 28K for now.

if that were true, a lot of teams would be gone.

After seeing Frank Clair stadium full for the FIFA Under 20, I realize that this is a great sports town.
It was fantastic to see 54,000 fans showing up last Friday and another sell out yesterday!! Scalpers outside the stadium and people standing on the Bank Street Bridge to watch the games.

Thank you mikem