Grass gone at Commonwealth?

Hi, as a Rider fan I don’t usually post on other teams forums. I have been out of the country for the last few weeks and have not heard any news. This morning I read on Rod Pederson’s blog that crews are at work ripping up the grass at CW. What do the EE fans think of this as that grass usually gives them one or two victories a year. I have often read on your forum about how the grass has enticed many players to Edmonton and now that you are following most of the league, what are your thoughts?

My guess is that there will still be grass at commonwealth this year.

I have always felt that the only concrete (no pun intended) advantage to playing on grass is that careers are extended because of fewer injuries. It is my understanding that the field turf that most stadiums now have is much closer to grass in respect to injuries although I have never had the chance to play on it. I have played on grass and the old style artificial turf and can assure you that grass doesn't hurt as much.

Commonwealth is only being re-sodded right now. They do it every two years. Rod Peterson is an unreliable douchebag, he's messing with Rider fan's heads.

Plans for artificial turf down the road are only speculation as of right now.

Esks123, Thanks for the update. I couldn't find anything on the EE site or any Stadium sites. They all just said "possibly" in the future.

Leave the natural grass alone! It speaks to the rich history of the Eskimos not needing to copy the other trends in the league, but rather doing things their own way. (and doing them EXTREMELY well).

LONG LIVE THE GRASS...i sit in row 13 and man i love the feeling of seeing a real field not RUBBER

I agree with you. When I was there a couple years ago, the grass was nice! son plays his midget fball at McMahon and he says the field turf is great to play on...that being said, I like grass too... thing that needs to be said about fans that think the EEs get an advantage over having grass vs. turf is that there is a reverse to that theory...if the EEs gain an advantage off playing on grass, wouldn't that mean then that they are faced with a disadvantage when not playing on it, i.e. - all their away games they are theoretically in a less advantageous position....just thought I'd throw that out there for anyone that still thinks its a huge advantage to have a unique playing surface....

....anyway, keep the grass, it's tradition, and if there is anything the EEs do very very well it is holding onto traditions and the heritage aspect of their club....

As I have said before, the advantage of grass in terms of injury prevention is not as profound as when the other cities had the astroturf type surfaces. I once read a report that stated that playing on grass could extend a players career by 2-4 years, again that was comparing to playing on concrete covered with carpet (astroturf). It is my understanding that the field turf reacts much the same as grass and does not contribute to injury like the old surfaces.

It would be a shame to lose the grass in Commonwealth due to the fact that because Canada has a World Class facility with grass, we can and have attracted World Class soccer and rugby games.

you guys all boast about the grass, when players constantly complain about it. The Esks will eventually get rid of it, just a matter of $$

fans may love it, but the players despise it!

Considering that grass is much more costly to maintain than any artificial turf, I really don't think you've thought through your hypothesis that $$ is the reason the Esks don't switch to turf. And if any team in the league could afford the initial capital costs of installing turf, it would be the Esks. The grass is there for more than just football. As has been mentioned many times in this thread, Commonwealth Stadium is also used for World Class soccer events. Many world recognized soccer leagues will only play on grass.

As for the players "despising" the grass... I've never once heard an Eskimo player saying he hates the grass. In fact, every time an Eskimo player talks about playing on the grass, he loves it. The only complaints about the grass I hear from players, is from opposing teams. Sounds like another excellent argument to keep the grass, if you ask me.