The back field sure looks much more impressive with these to players added to it and they have only began to realize their potential. To bad Moe but better is much better. What do you guys think.

Grant is gone for the season, tough to recover from a broken leg.

Is there a translator in the house? :wink:

He's talking about Bakari Grant and Aaron Kelly. Although they are usually not in the backfield. :wink: Kelly came in at the end and made some key receptions for the comeback attempt. These two receivers will be outstanding in the years to come.

Kelly is the better of the two. But we need another RB to balance the attack. Avon is not enough!

Grant and Colbourn certainly complemented each other...but who could we get at this juncture to replace Grant?
hmmmmm..the Argos are out of the playoffs...
maybe we can find another receiver to trade away in return for Kackert or Boyd.... :stuck_out_tongue:

who was the other running back in preseason other than grant and cobourne? He looked good as well and would like to see him back to see what he's got.

Milner? To be honest, I don't remember anything remarkable about him in preseason, and I don't believe he is still with the team. (too lazy to check :expressionless: )