Grant & Grigsby?

Both Bakari Grant and Nic Grigsby remain unsigned as free agents with the Tiger-Cats and I hear Grant has been made an offer by the team as some fans have mentioned, not sure on Grigsby and they haven't been signed by another CFL team.

I wonder if both players are currently trying the NFL route at present and hoping to complete a succesful tryout and make it on a team south of the border?

Nope, neither of them have had NFL interest.

Since neither has been signed by another CFL team it seems their stock price is going down.

Grant & Grigsby both start with the letter "G" which is also the first letter in the word Gone which is what it appears is their fate with the Cats. I have to admit though that I'm still holding out hope for Grant to re-sign, not so much with Grigsby who was strictly a rental player and insurance policy at the end of last year. I seriously don't think that Grigsby was in Austin's long term plans for this season.

With Gable, Madu and newly signed CDN ratio buster Anthony Woodson already here, Grigsby will not be coming IMO.
Grant doesn't seem to be happy with his offers from teams

Bakari @BGrant84 · Feb 12
I jus wana play the game I love and be treated as an asset not a luxury. I'm gona let the business people handle the business

I thought Nic Grigsby did a solid job while here. Perhaps, he should have been brought back to compete with CJ for the starter's spot.

As much as I would want Bakari Grant to return, he has to do what is right for his family. I think he will be missed.

Grant is a no-brainer signing if the details can get worked out. I think a Grigsby signing is not going to happen. Too many guys in front of him on the roster already.

While he was with the Cats I thought Grigsby played great. My personal favourite highlights of his play were in the last 2 games against the Als where on 1 or 2 hole runs Grigs and Bear Woods met in the hole and Grigs ran right over Bear. Bear may have made the tackles, but on those plays 4-5 yards were gained and Bear ended up on his back. Awesome. Grigs is a good power runner. Perhaps better at that part of the game than both C.J and Madu. Sadly, it is an underused part of the offence and as such makes keeping Grigs on the roster a bit expensive.

This is something that our current backs both lack, and our offense desperately needs in order to be truly multi dimensional.
If Grigsby could inprove his blocking he'd have a chance, but barely had time to learn his assignments in Austin's system.

conversely, there is no better receiving HB that Gable, hands down, and his ability to pick up the blitz in austin's system makes him a lock for the near future.

I really think that Collaros needs to mature before Grant will even see his fair share of passes. The guy is sure handed and physical, but with zaks tendancy to lock down on one or two guys, having 3 import pass catchers that can collect veteran starters wages just doesn't add up for the club.

We'll regret it when we play against him, a la Marquay McDaniel.

Personally, and if you are just talking about hands, I prefer Madu as a receiver over C.J. C.J. is the more complete package, and he has some stellar open field running over Madu. But in receiving, Madu has the better hands.

I agree that Grigsby was an insurance for the team last year heading into the playoffs and Grey Cup last year and a great pick up for the Ti-Cats but between Winnipeg and Hamilton he rushed for around 800 yards, not too bad, I'm sure he would do great if he had a full season under his belt with one team and add some good competition between Madu, Gable, Woodson etc.

In regards to Grant I hope he decides to stay with the Tiger-Cats, he's been a solid receiver with good size and good hands and always seems to come up with that big catch in timely situations.

The catch he made from Collaro's for the first TD at THF when he gave the ball to the "Caretaker" will always be a good memory but it also demonstrates the team player Bakari Grant is and certainly one player who should be on this team and could add some great depth to the offence.

I would love to see Grant remain and hope that he may yet sign, even for one year. The fact that he hasn't signed elsewhere (especially with the blue team :x ) might work in our favour.

Grigsby did a good job when he was here, but I agree with those who have commented that it was just a stop-gap measure (otherwise why not sign him to at least a 2 year deal last fall?). I doubt that he was ever in Austin's long-term plans since he is very high on CJ. Hopefully Grigsby finds a home somewhere although it may not happen until training camp or even into the season if (like the Ticats last season) a starter goes down and a team needs a capable starter or rotation player.

The reason we brought in Grigsby is because CJ was injured; not once, but twice during the season.
So, CJ may be the better overall back, but is he the better HEALTHIER overall back?

The Eagle.

Good point, Eagle. Yet, another reason why bringing Grigsby to camp might have some merit.

Don't get me wrong, I still have total faith in Kent Austin's judgement.

I love Bakari as a veteran, as a leader (which he JUST started to show mid-season last year), dependability, his great hands, blocking ability, and dedication. BUT, when I think "Wide Receiver", I think "4.3 speed, great vertical, out-fights EVERYONE for the ball, nobody can catch him, precise route-running, soft hands, excellent down field blocking, etc". When I think of Bakari, I think "possession WR" which is an oxymoron, in my books.

Bakari is not going to outrun a CB, cause a Safety to take the wrong pursuit angle, or cause outright fear to the opposition every time the ball is thrown anywhere near him. To add to that, he is not one of Austin's "guys", being a holdover from the previous regime. Perhaps the other GMs see that the balance is tilted more to a rotational player as opposed to a starter.

I would hate to see Bakari go, but, unfortunately, I do not feel that he can command starter's money these days when the talent available (Banks, Sinkfield) is so much faster. But you CANNOT replace his veteran leadership...

Justin Dunk ?@JDunk12 3m3 minutes ago
Sources: RB Nic Grigsby (@Nic_Grigsby5) to sign with #Ticats. #HamOnt #CFL

Glad to hear that Grigsby maybe staying with the Ti-Cats and this will give the coaching staff some great talent to draw from and competition for HB in training camp between Grigsby, Madu, Gable and Woodson.

As Drew points out on the Scratchingpost blog - with Gable's contract extension through 2017 and the pending Grigsby signing, it is Gable's job to lose in TC. Can the team afford to keep 4 GOOD International RBs (all who want to play, and are more than capable of starting) on the team? Glad MY name isn't Kent Austin... lol :rockin:

i wonder if this tweet from Grant means he officially won't be back with the TiCats???

Maybe he was just letting his wife know that he left to get groceries.

Glad to hear that Grigsby did sign, that's great news. The tweet from Bakari Grant doesn't sound promising but hopefully a deal could be worked out. I would hate to see Grant leave the team as I think he adds to the offence and the players around him but that decision will be up to Bakari if he stays or signs somewhere else and the coaches and player personnel of the Cats.