..Grant and the Guys...

...finally got their Grey Cup rings ....so very long in coming..... thanks to a fellow named Ledohowski...Alot of the players from the great days of late fifties and early sixties were honoured the last few days while in the Peg...and it sure brought back alot of memories of some awesome games and players...Kenny Ploen...Leo Lewis...Nick Miller..only to name a few....Some emotional moments and a few tears as Bud Grant passed out the rings..As a witness to those great Bomber teams ...they deserved every bit of recognition they received...I can still see quite vividly, Lewis dancing along the sidelines ..Ploen the ol fox ...cutting up the opposition with his pin-point passing (okay he didn't have the greatest arm...but he was the smartest qb. i ever saw play in the CFL....Bombers also had tremendous defences in those days...guys like Frank Rigney stand out...one of a bunch of great Bombers of the time ....I don't like to compare the Bombers of today to any of those teams (quite frankly none since ,have matched the accomplishments)..but we do have the makings of a great team...and i hope the Bomber management can hang onto the talent we have now and improve upon it...like those ol' days...the key to Grey Cups... :thup: :rockin: :rockin:

you said it all there papazoola
the team of old was the true team of blue and gold :rockin:

was nice to be in the presence of greatness

Like Edith sang;" Those were the days my friend, we thought they'ld never end". Welcome to the world of instant replay with inconclusive evidence. You are right FM, that was greatness because all they wanted to do was play football the best they could.

well at least we still have stegall to do that. one of the very few still playing just to play.

They form the complete foundation for the team.Great in every aspect.

Steve Patrick, Herbie Gray, Charlie Sheppard, Dick Huffman, Tom Casey, Normie Hill, Jim McPherson, Jack Jacobs, Roger Savoie, Bud Tinsley, Jim Van Pelt, Gerry James, Neil Armstrong, Bud Grant, Lorne Benson (6 tds in one playoff game). Yeah, we'v e had many good ones. Gotta love the past and fight for the future!