Grant adds punt return TD to Bombers' offensive explosion

REGINA — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers just keep finding ways to score.

Punt returner Janarion Grant zigged and zagged through would-be tacklers for a 90-yard touchdown return as the Bombers beat the Saskatchewan Roughriders 45-27 on Friday night at Mosaic Stadium.

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play of the year.


Punt return is special teams not offense. Riders had a short week with no time to prep or heal injuries and still had the Bombers in trouble until they ran out of gas. Plenty of games to play yet, see if the old Bombers still have gas at the end.

Second game, kind of a short year.

“The Bombers continue to show that they are one of the best teams in the league”

dude they’ve played 2 games. they don’t award the grey cup in June.

despite the score, there were times they looked a bit vulnerable.

I think she meant play of the year so far, which I would also say it is.

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actually no. it’s the 6th game of the season. and it will very likely be one of the plays of the year when all is said and done.

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Of course but let’s be realistic. It’s a long season and no one has won the Cup yet, but anyone who thinks at this point in time they aren’t the best team in the league are either homers for their own team or don’t follow the CFL very closely. The oddsmakers agree as do the ranking makers.

It could change of course but that is simply the present reality. The comment in the article just stood out to me because I haven’t seen a similar comment in any article by the writers on this site or anywhere really. I view it as sloppy writing is all. The statement is inaccurate

i don’t call any team the best in the league until they’ve all played each other at least once. for now, the organization is the class of the league and they are one of the top team IMO.

I disagree. That’s what things like power rankings and standings are for, but they only apply to that week. There is no valid argument to be made that any other team is better in Week 2. That could change in Week 3. If your Lions win this week and beat the Bombers next week they will be numero uno. Just not this week.

i disagree. but oh well. :woman_shrugging:

:alien: “BEST OF THE BEST OF THE BEST! SIR!” :alien:

(i’m not mocking you, it’s a line from a movie)

With honours.

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*makes whistling noises well except for one team.

haha i forgot about that part :laughing:

Elvis is not dead. He just went home.

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i want one of those red flashy things

i still can’t believe there was an 18 point difference in that game. Grant’s TD put the riders to bed but game felt closer than that.

No. It is possible at times to objectively rank one above the rest. Sometimes it’s black and white. We are in such a time. 34-5. Seriously, are you arguing that another team is at their level right now. I would be interested to know what you base that on. I would say the same thing if I wasn’t a Bomber fan. I’m not sure if another team has ever won 34 of 39 games in the history of the league. It’s actually more like 34-2 if you remove the garbage time games that the Bombers lost. If another team has ever been on a 34-2 run I am sure they would be considered the best team in the league at that time. .


can we talk about this season. if you want to get historical, then argos and elks are ahead of the bombers. like where does your win loss history begin?